Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody



Mom and Dad Clark and Ming’s reactions to Skyeward

“I don’t see her as an action hero. I don’t feel any of that. This is Carol, the same woman who started with an abusive husband and a daughter. She’s evolved with the world, just Carol trying her best to survive, and if that calls for packing a gun in her waistband and putting a knife on her belt and stabbing zombies in the head, that’s just Carol being the best she can. She’s endearing, and I love her for that, and she’s trying so hard.”  

- Melissa McBride

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The ever-evolving Daryl Dixon: 2x09 - 5x01

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Pure imagination
Gene Wilder


"Pure imagination" - Gene Wilder, Music from the Original Soundtrack of the Paramount Picture Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory



North & Penelope leaving ‘The Grill’ restaurant in LA - October 18, 2014

penelope is so fake she’s throwing a hint o’shade at miss north’s outfit in the top pic but wanna be friends in the bottom #gagging


Q: You just wrapped a film after working on it for a long time- what’s the first thing you want to do with your free time?