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The ditch scene 3/3

requested by yetanothercriminalmindsfanatic

Some people interpret this scene as a pure dick move by Rossi: “Oh, look how mean he is! He just leaves poor Reid in that ditchand he know Reid has a bad knee! He doesn’t want to get his new shoes dirty! What a prima donna!”

But for me … sure, it was a dick move. However, it was a typical Rossi dick move because he would have done that to any of the guys. One of things I’ve liked about Rossi is that he doesn’t coddle Reid. He really doesn’t. He razzes Reid just as much as he does Hotch and Morgan. It’s the whole “you’re a federal agent, so I’m going to treat you like one” (even if he’s being a dick about it).

When there’s a really bigdeal, like the whole “I think my dad murdered my childhood friend and I want to be hypnotized to remember,” Rossi’s right there with him. He’s there for the important stuff, supportive when he needs to be.

This. Reid isnt a child and Rossi knows it and makes sure to never treat him like a special snowflake. Enough people do this, he needs someone in his life who’s always going to make him walk out of that ditch. Morgan doesnt either but Rossi much more “Rossi” about it.