Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody


More info on JJ in S8

Now that JJ’s not going undercover anymore on Criminal Minds, what will she be doing? — Nancy

ADAM: JJ will have “a lot of emotional stuff” coming up involving her family, executive producer Erica Messer tells us, but don’t worry — it won’t be anything like last season finale’s bank hostage fiasco. “It’s really more about the home life,” Messer says. “We didn’t want to make her any kind of victim when the whole team is under attack. There’s some very nice family story lines with her.” As for that aborted undercover episode — which will be directed by Thomas Gibson —now the BAU will try to solve the case of two missing teenage girls whose mother went missing a year ago.

I’m glad they’re not doing the undercover case, I figured I wouldnt be very fond of it. But more JJ as definitely OK. I like the idea of family stuff, human stories…JJ has always been my favorite when it comes to things like that. I dont need her as a ninja superhero, I love her as a person and the one who connects with people, including her own loved ones, as a liaison in the beginning and now as a profiler. And I definitely wouldnt be against seeing more Will and Henry. I hope we get to see Will at least once. I’m so glad they’re married and here’s hoping they stay happy.