Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody

Dec 6

The Lesson

This isnt hate and I’m gonna tag it and I dont want flack because its a legitimate question…am I the only one who thought last night’s episode of Criminal Minds was lame ass? I liked the team interactions, like in the elevator and the Alex and Reid stuff and JJ and Morgan in the clothing store and Garcia on the phone but like the other MGG episodes before it its just like (to me anyway) lets stuff all the weird ass, ridiculous, creepy stuff into an hour we can find and it doesnt matter if we dont give you an explanation for anything (or cram it into the last 7 or 8 minutes of the case) and it makes no real sense cuz its gonna be spooky and directed by MGG so you’ll love it. Seriously, my mother and I just sat there looking at the screen like “what in the hell is this mess?” Maybe its just me, and if it is I’m cool with that because I know how many people love MGG and Reid and even loved the episode not based on loving him more than anything. But I didnt care for it at all.