Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody

Dec 6

So Much Random, So Little Time: The Lesson



This isnt hate and I’m gonna tag it and I dont want flack because its a legitimate question…am I the only one who thought last night’s episode of Criminal Minds was lame ass? I liked the team interactions, like in the elevator and the Alex and Reid stuff and JJ and Morgan in the clothing store and…

Honestly, I was bored with most of it.  I LOVED Mosley Lane, and Lauren was beautiful and emotional.  But, I absolutely hated Heathridge Manor and everything about the case here was dull, dull, dull.  It just seemed like the whole purpose was to make the audience go “that’s so creepy!”  Which doesn’t interest me.  I think I like his episodes when the writer doesn’t seem to be overly invested in the weirdness aspect.

I was definitely bored. I loved Mosley Lane, mostly for Ann Cusack because I dont think the case was complete and pathology and reasoning was never explained. I actually never saw Lauren, didnt care much for late Season 6, but I thought Heathridge Manor was ridiculous. I often feel that writers dial in the MGG episodes because he’s all about his visual vision. Its over, the MGG fans loved it, I’m just looking forward to next week.