Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody

Dec 8


why i like them
Because he is super bonbon badass but has a heart of gold. He is always there for the people who need him.

why i don’t
Sometimes the writers write him as a little too skeptical and brusque. I know he can have a temper but there were times in Seasons 5-6 I wanted to punch him.

favorite episode (scene if movie)
I loved The Company but I loved the one with Angel too (sorry I forgot the name) and I love Mayhem and Fear and Loathing and of course Profiler, Profiled.

favorite season/movie

favorite line
“He got a cab in New York City in the rain so you know he’s not a brother.” from A Real Rain in Season 1.

I dont have one for Morgan.

I love Morgan and Hotch but I love Morgan and Rossi too. And of course Morgan and Prentiss.

head canon
He fell in lust and later maybe even love with Tina Lopez, the Miami cop from In Heat but unlike JJ and Will, they couldnt make the distance work. Tina loved her job, family, and environment in Miami to ever leave. He still thinks of her and even goes to visit. Maybe someday it will work out for them.

unpopular opinion
Morgan and Garcia will never be more than best friends. He loves her like he loves his sisters, though he understands that its a little more there. He also knows she’s in love with Kevin and wants her to make some kind of decision about her future with or without him. This is a head canon too.