Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody

Dec 8

vegawriters answered you:
Her name is Penelope Garcia. Leave it in my ask please : )

I’m answering here so you can mock my lack of knowing people. Miss Penelope Garcia please. ;)

why i like them
She’s altruistic, smart, sassy, loving, and very, very good at her job.

why i don’t
She’s chronically nosy and pushes things because she says she cares but I find that to be an undesirable trait.

favorite episode (scene if movie)

favorite line
“Faster than a Hotch rocket”. Its the first one I thought of but Penelope has a shit ton of good lines.

Penelope and Kevin, always.

Penelope and Morgan.

head canon
Sometimes she feels lonely and misses her family. She feels like its her fault that they’re gone and its why she does her best to take such good care of the family she has now and does everything in her power to keep them safe and happy.

unpopular opinion
She totally did Kevin wrong and needs to apologize for her behavior before they just move on, together or apart. Of course this is just from what we’ve seen onscreen but that’s all we know. Everyone has their own opinion on this and that’s mine.