Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody


Westboro Baptist Church…


…is primarily a hate organization. They have picketed funerals of soldiers, celebs and victims of violence, celebrating these deaths as they try to sell their sick speeches about God, Christanity and Faith. Now they are gearing up to picket the funerals of the victims of violence in CT. They are going to try to tell people how God is punishing CHILDREN, while waving signs and hate-mongering during a tragic and terrible time for these families.

I am sick of seeing this behavior - as are a lot of people. So a friend of mine has put forth a petition to have their tax-exempt status revoked. Taking them off the books as a Church and placing them under the category of what they TRULY are: a hate organization.

I am tired of them hiding under their status as a church. I am tired of basically ‘funding’ these assholes as they taunt families in mourning. So let’s put a stop to this. They are attention-seeking, hate-reveling, horrible people masquerading as an organization of peace and love and they use protections and rights of ordinary citizens and groups to spread their awful message. Let us exercise our rights as a people and send them packing.

 Petition to Revoke WBC Tax-Exemption

Time for us to send a message. Time for us (as citizens and as individuals) to tell them enough is enough.

Its sickening that these hatemonger fools get the same status as a church.