Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody



Happy Birthday, John Spencer - we miss you. (20 December, 1946 - 16 December 2005)

“One of Spencer’s great gifts, as an actor and as a human, was his ability to empathize and be fully alive in the moment. One had only to look at his wonderfully careworn face, which seemed to have the map of his life spread across it, to understand that he intimately knew all the extreme pains and joys of life, as well as all the in-betweens. His character could be glowering in disgust at some Republican ridiculousness one minute, then offer a compassionate arm of support to a faltering friend the next. Despite the years that draped his countenance, there was also a youthful energy about him. And when he turned on the charm and flashed that pixyish grin, it seemed impossible he could be mortal enough to die.” (x)

I love you and miss you so much John. Every single day.