Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody



shout out to all the people that see john lennon as an advocate for peace when it’s been like proven that he beat the shit outta women and was severely cruel to his son on several occasions like yeaaaa dude peace and harmony and emotionally surpressive children and black eyed bitches yeaaaa duuude

The fact that the man, or any man or woman, is far from perfect doesnt mean that they arent passionate about something they want to happen in the world. And I’m not sitting here defending John Lennon and holding him up on some pedestal, I’m indifferent to him, but hell I’m sure even Gandhi has some undesirable shit in his past or moments where he didnt make the right choice or do the righteous thing and do you know why? Because he’s human, and so is John Lennon and so is every person who ever walked the earth including us.