Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody

Jan 1

Beezus on literature


I am fairly certain rebakitt3n is to blame for this, because she wrote a fic about Hotch and Rossi shopping at IKEA. I feel like this is too ridiculous for AO3 or LJ, but everything goes on tumblr, which ironically is possibly the most inconvenient medium to post fic, and also hello-gallifrey needs cheering up.

Also, I spent all afternoon with five-year-olds. Five-year-old boys? Destructive but keeps conversation to a reasonable minimum. Five-year-old girls? Never stop talking.

This entire series is possibly a five-year-old girl’s opinions on important subjects such as literature, religion, foreign diplomacy, and what you’re allowed to dip into a chocolate fountain. 

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I just have to say this is amazing. I dont even read Rossi/Prentiss and didnt know it was that ship going in, I just wanted to read about a kid named Beezus because I’ve always had a fondness for that name and for snerky, smart kids and I would read more and more and more of this for sure. This is a lovely story and I think people on AO3 or LJ would eat this up cuz I’m a non-shipper and I want more. Great way to start a new year : )