Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody


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That TVLINE article has to be the biggest ‘Let’s Cover Our Asses After The Fact’ press release I’ve ever seen in my life. There has been so much backlash because of this episode, and Messer is hoping to deflect the hate being focused on her as boss and Breen as writer by saying that Matthew…

And he’s an actor given a storyline that focuses on his character and gives him lots of screentime.  So yeah, he probably was on board for many reasons.

I dont necessarily blame Erica though surely she had final approval before the network. Its shocking that CBS went for this when usually they want one victim of an Unsub to live per week cuz they dont want it to be too dark and fucked up. This entire storyline, not to mention the total creation of a female love interest just to be murdered by an Unsub and then mourned by a character and a fandom, is pretty fucked up. But I definitely have no love for Breen who seemed to revel in people’s sadness and hatred. Look, I’m a writer and know there isnt always going to be a happy ending, but this feels like a calculated move pretty much in place since the beginning of the season and I cannot understand why it was done and so enjoyed by the writing staff in the first place. They scrapped giving JJ (who is under-explored to the point of ridiculous) an arc this season just to give Spencer another and to make it one that was completely unpleasant and unnecessary IMO.


What they (or Breen, at least) don’t seem to understand is that the problem here is NOT that the story was sad. It’s the fact that this whole storyline made no freaking sense with this particular ending.

I also want to mention that the “this show is about loss and tragedy” argument was pretty weird, too. I’ve always thought I’m watching a psychological crime procedural with the occasional personal touch, not a show called “Let’s Abuse Profilers”.