Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody


Thank you SO much! I love it. I really do. I love that Hotch is working a case while trying to navigate things with Beth; it's so right for his character for that tension to be there. I love their determination not to miss their weekend together because it shows how important the relationship is to them to put the effort in for it. And the little details, like his Alicia Keys ringtone for her. So perfect! I also love her making him spell out what he wants. And the email! Eeee!!! <3

I really love them as characters and especially as a ship because I get to take a character we think we all know and turn him on his head.  Its more fun writing him with Beth, who is not a part of his FBI world and he gets to just be a boyfriend with her, a guy in love, someone who doesnt want the darkness but wants the light and the fun.  And while they’re having all this fun they’re also falling madly in love.

I never thought I would be so into this ship but I am.  When I find out other people are too I get so excited.  I really hope there’s a lot more fic to come and I’m so glad I could write you a story that you enjoyed.