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The Case For Removing (Almost) All Liberal Arts From College


If someone can’t handle the STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for those who aren’t familiar with the acronym), they have no business in college.

This article may just be the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever read. Yeah, there are plenty of people who go college to slack off and party (his argument against “easy” Liberal Arts degrees), but guess what? They are in “STEM” majors as well. I personally know a few of them. My neighbor in my dorm building is a Math major taking advanced Calc classes right now, and yet she’s out drinking herself into oblivion every night and putting the pictures on Facebook to prove it. It’s not Liberal Arts, buddy. It’s people.

There are so many NECESSARY majors that do not fall into this guy’s version of “real” college majors that it’s laughable. Criminal Justice? Mass Communication? (I’m a little biased on that one, but seriously? Does the news report itself, among other things?) Psychology? Sociology? Economics? (Which is sometimes considered Math, sometimes Science, but usually a Liberal Art nonetheless.) Um, LAW school? And many, many other majors? Seriously, Matt Saccaro, please think about what you’re saying BEFORE you make an ass of yourself.

And you know what? My major? Not easy. For those unaware, I’m a Mass Communications major with a focus in Advertising. My minor is English Literature and Language. My major is far from easy, Mr. Saccaro. I’m taking a class right now that’s called Media Planning and Buying and guess what it is? Math. Lots and lots and lots of Excel spreadsheets and lots of math. The rest of my classes involve learning how to actually make Advertisements and learning to know who the target audience is and so forth and guess what? Also not easy. It’s a lot of WORK. Next semester I get to take Media Law and Media Ethics. Sounds fun, and I’m guessing also not so easy.

My other option for Mass Comm was Journalism. Also not easy. Or I guess it is super easy to go into an active war zone to report on the goings-on there? Or to go to prison for not giving up your sources on a story because it’s unethical? Yeah, no, I can see how you think that’s easy, Saccaro, whereas Math majors are, what, sitting in a cubicle doing my taxes? Hey, not all Math majors, I know, but I’m making a point, people. You can take the “easy” path (his word, not mine) in any major you take, including STEM majors.

What matters isn’t your major, as much as what you decide to do with it. Look at this list, for instance. This is a list of 30 highly successful people today who had Liberal Arts majors in college. Over half of them are, guess what? English majors. Shocking, right? (Wrong.) Non-STEM majors teach you plenty of highly valuable, highly sought after skills as well, some moreso. (Speaking of, do you know which skill many employers are looking for now because so many people lack the ability to do it well after college? Being able to write. Gee, I wonder which major could prepare you for that…)

STEM majors aren’t for everyone. If you’re one of those people who’s great at one of them, great! Fantastic! We need you, get cracking! But if not? That’s perfectly fine too. Anyone has the option to apply, or not apply, themselves when it comes to college. Those who do will succeed, regardless of whether or not their major is “easy,” as arbitrarily decided by Mr. Saccaro. (Then there’s the whole matter that college itself isn’t for everyone, but that’s another rant-filled topic all together…)

In closing: “If you want to study history in 2013, order whatever books interest you off Amazon and engage in historiographical discussions via Internet forums—no need to pay $40,000 or more for a degree that gains you nothing.” Why don’t you tell that to Ken Chenault, Saccaro? But then again, he’s just the CEO of American Express, nothing fancy, right? Or Sam Palmisano, the former CEO of IBM? (What?! The CEO of IBM wasn’t a STEM major in college? Saccaro, you might want to look away…) Or Robert Gates, but he was just the Secretary of Defense, no biggie, right? Or… you get the point. Seriously, get off your high horse and take a look at the world, Saccaro (and those who agree with him). Liberal Arts? Necessary. Your mindless blathering? Not so much.


What she said, and I’m a sociology and history major.