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Apr 3

OMG, one of my Sam/Jessie fics has 100 hits on AO3!!!!

Mar 6

57 kudos total for my #1 Crush series over at AO3.  i can hardly believe it really.  Every time someone reads one I get joy in my belly like its the very first time.

Dec 3

Girl Talk is my 500th fic posted on AO3.  The stories keep going and going…

I was shocked to see that I’d written about Spencer Reid in 45 fics (out of 499) on AO3.  I dont even care for his character all that much.  Now I’m going to filter it so i can see just what I write about him.



Fics posted on LJ rather than AO3…


I remember when posting your fic on LJ was the thing to do. It’s where all the good fic was at. Everyone looked down (as you should) on fics posted on

Oh, being “old” on the internet. I’ve been in various fandoms for 10+ years. Terrifying that.

Nov 4

Checked my email before bed and there were 15 different comments to various Hotch/Beth and Hotch/Rossi stories on AO3.  I’ve felt like crap all day but I can tell you I was just smiling so hard it made my face hurt. 

Also, I’ve noticed that the stories I write that have more detailed sex scenes get less hits on AO3.  I cant decide if its because I’m not as good as I used to be writing it if no one gives a damn about my really rare pairs getting it on as opposed to writing Rossi/Strauss or Hotch/Prentiss, or even Gideon/Prentiss.

To the 33 people who sent me kudos for my Erin/Mark series on AO3…I love with all my heart.  I never expected anyone to even care about these two characters that my wacky mind decided to stick together.  And I know there are a lot of Erin fans out there so I just wanna let you know how much I appreciate you for taking a chance on something different and showing your love.  I’d shout you out by name if I knew who you guys were <3<3

There’s a tag on AO3 called gay mutant road trip.  My life is now complete.

I’ve posted 1,781,918 words on AO3 since I first started posting there.  I really love that site.