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Alex Blake | 9.22 Fatal

have I ever mentioned how much I love this woman

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How can Alex Blake not be on Criminal fuckin Minds anymore?  What kind of shit is that?  Seriously.


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Yea! That’s why I am still suspicious of the reason Jeanne left (especially with CBS’ reputation with women) You’d think that they would have enough notice to at least give her a nice exit arc that made sense like Paget and Lola.

Which is why I believe they only did it because the fandom was always hostile towards Blake. I’d like to believe she left on her own terms but with everything that happened my gut is telling me she was fired but nobody has the balls to admit that. I doubt they’ll even mention her again on the show.





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Jul 7
The BAU, past and present…and Will LaMontagne too.

The BAU, past and present…and Will LaMontagne too.

Jul 3

Having some fun with my favorite Criminal Minds ladies and the latest internet meme : )