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oh my god i can’t get over this

imeanjustwanky:  anotherplanetwithyou:  fycoathangers:  WHAT  what the fuck.  Wait, what?! Seriously, dude. Just kill yourself.

Why has no one punch this little bitch in the face yet?

Okay I had no problems with Justin Bieber before but I think he needs a few slaps in the face from reality now

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Jan 6

This shit right here is fuckin bananas.

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I think they should’ve called The Men Who Built America on the History Channel “White Dudes who built business on the backs of others”. Not as glamorous but true nonetheless.

It sucks so hard that youtube took down the full episodes of Criminal Minds.

Sep 9

I’m still at a loss as to how Sandra Oh has not been littered with Emmy Awards for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.” It’s a fucking crime!


She’s flawless as Cristina Yang

And Katherine Heigl has one…which makes it a more brutal crime.

Aug 5

I fuckin loathe NBC’s Olympic coverage. If Bob Costas is around for 2016 I’m just not gonna watch.

Time Zones

The time difference between Philly and London will kill any thought of a nail biter in these Olympics. My Google news feed has already spoiled me to the Men’s Swimming 400M. This sucks big time.