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I need a character

There are over 150 episodes of Criminal Minds and I need an African-American young woman for one of my AUs. My first thought, and I’ve been using her but might change it if I can find someone even more fitting, was Olivia Hopkins from the Season 1 episode Secrets and Lies. I’ve had a thing for Devika Parikh since The West Wing. But I was hoping to find someone a bit younger as the character in the AU is in her 20s. Not that I cant do what the hell I want in an AU but…any suggestions?

Over the seasons on Criminal Minds some of the characters will have the same last names because writers use friends, crew members, and weird people from their hometown to name the characters after. And its not that I mind very much but since I always use characters from the show within AUs it gets difficult when characters from different seasons and scenarios share last names. Yeah, lots of people in the world who arent related and have nothing in common do as well but its not that easy when you’re writing everyone in the same universe revolving around each other’s lives.

It’s not easy loving a secondary or tertiary character that’s on every once in a while, or even worse one that you know will never be on again.