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season 9 is so fucked up. there's this episode where kids are kidnapped and killed and then right after there's the episode alex goes back to her hometown. one of her lines there started 'if my kid had been killed...' (he wasn't killed but he died as a little boy) and then at the end she tells her brother that she doesn't like going back there because seeing her brother reminds her of her other (dead) brother and seeing her father reminds her of her (dead) mother,



(cont): but nothing reminds her of her dead son, not her home, not her husband, not even when they work on cases involving dead children, nothing? the only thing that reminds her of her dead son is when a 30+ year old co-worker gets shot in the neck? how the hell does that make any sense? why the fuck does everything on that show need to revolve around that crying baby reid?

another thing, what is this obsession with dead children? since the messer started as the show-runner we have found out about three kids who have died, rossi’s newborn son, jj’s miscarriage (still a fetus), and alex’s son. it’s very unsettling, concerning even.

and lastly, wanna bet hotch’s new girlfriend is going to be another blue-eyed brunette? that is a drastic change from what we learned about him in the early seasons. remember when he had a type and that type was blonde women with brown eyes [haley, kate joyner (sometimes her eyes are brown and sometimes they’re green), the unsub megan kane]? ever wondered about that change?

first of all, thank you for your message cause omg many of these things bother me too.

Regarding Alex Blake and the dead child arc: I’m not that mad about the lack of previous hints that Alex lost a child because that arc was sooo clearly straight out of writers asses. Jeanne was leaving and they needed a “good story” to explain it, they didn’t even care about characterization or continuity because fuck that, right? We’re just gonna throw a sob story as a lousy and poorly executed explaination. And if we can get Reid somehow involved in this, YAY! This also hint that the rumors about Jeanne being fired are true (I really doubt if she wanted to exit like this).

I am so fucking done and pissed off with how the show has been handled in the last few years and last season was just the final nail in the coffin. I’ve said it a couple of times already, but it really pisses me off how the showrunners suck MGG’s dick every chance they got. Be it a new (completely pointless) story arc or a few episode to direct so he can throw in his weird style that most of the time doesn’t fucking fit the show at all. They acknowledge how many fans he has and that he became show’s favourite. And in the name of that they totally neglect other characters or even if they do notice that there are other members of the team, they throw us a random totally pointless and OOC story and yell “Look! Here! Not a Reid-centric! Happy now?”.

I don’t even want to get into the dead children aspect you mentioned because ughh I’ve always felt that the show thinks that if a character didn’t suffer some kind of a tragedy it’s not a complete character. And what’s the easiest tragedy that they can vomit on us? Death. Children death especially.

And at last: Hotch/Beth break-up issue. I am still mad about it and I really hope the 10th season is the last one because maybe the writers are going to be so focused on the poor baby Reid that they won’t have enough time to introduce a new lady for Hotch. I never really notice the blonde/brunette thing, I’ve always felt that the story with Kate and how she “looks exactly like Haley” was just ta reminder that Hotch’s marriage didn’t work out (the last mention before S3 finale was in 3x14 I think?).

I probably missed half of the things I wanted to say about these issues but here it is.

Millions of people are still watching and supposedly enjoying the show.  I have a feeling season 10 will not be the last but with Shemar Moore almost surely leaving, another set of fans will go with him.  And the obsession with Reid (both with the writers and the fans) got tiresome like six seasons ago.  I dont even know Rossi’s second wife’s name but I know everything about Spencer but his social security number.

Anyhoo, I dont want to make this too long (I just went on a rant about this show yesterday) but I will say I have never, and I have watched a lot of TV in my life, seen a show go so completely off the rails as this one has.  Its not even about the BAU anymore.  Its a rogue band of cooler than you heroes who are going to catch bad guys, buck authority, and fuck if a damn thing else on the show makes sense.

Erin Strauss, BAU Section Chief

(2/18/59 - 5/22/13)

*dates based on Erin’s computer password being e_strauss218 (which is Jayne Atkinson’s birthday) and her death date being the date the horrid episode aired.

I wrote this too (am I being a total snot falling in love with my own writing again?)

“Aunt Emily!” Ashley exclaimed as she came bounding down the stairs like six kids instead of one. “Did you bring the rated R movies?”

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” Dave said as he watched her hug her godmother. When Carolyn passed away and Dave became Ashley’s legal guardian he asked Jason and Emily to be her godparents. If anything ever happened to him he knew that the two of them would always take care of her. It was the first he ever considered that something might happen to him. Leaving the FBI, though difficult, doubled his safety chances.

“I just got here; that’s impossible. The rated R movies thing was mostly a joke.”

“I’m talking about posting on social networking sites that I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh um…” Ashley held onto Emily. “I’m just spreading the love, Pops; sharing the joy.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Dave said. “You’re misinforming the public which consists of, for the purposes of this conversation, your school friends who shouldn’t know my business anyway.”

“My bad?” she put it in question form and smiled.

I wrote this and it made me giggle rereading it. I think Dave and Jason should be besties in every AU ever written.

“I think Erin wants to tell me something but can’t. Do you have any idea…?” 


“That was quick.” Dave looked at him. 

“I’m friends with both of you. I don’t want, no scratch that, I will not be in the middle of anything. I mean that whether it’s good or bad.” 

“You’re like a brother to me.” 

“You already have four brothers and countless problems with all of them.” Jason said. “I would rather be your best friend, thank you.”


The Instincts [4x06].

The last sentence (well paragraph really) is a bit lame but right now I’m not going to focus on that.  I’m going to focus on the fact that its done and I did it.  In der Nacht verschwunden is complete!!!!!!!  Its clocking in at 72,273 words.  That number could grow as I still have to edit the final quarter of it.  I finished it you guys, my last epic Criminal Minds AU, fic #1200, and now my largest story ever in the fandom.  I’m so happy.

The Soul Taker

I posted the whole story on LJ because Tumblr was starting to peeve me and I cant post anything on AO3 yet. I think some Strauss fans and Rossi/Strauss fans will like it so read it if you have a chance.  Thanks.