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Top 10 Criminal Minds Characters as voted by my followers

1. Emily Prentiss

51,910 words

That’s where I am on In der Nacht Verschwunden.  I just finished my last scene before I finally write the climax and end of the story, which could be another six scenes or more.  Since my longest fic ever, Soulless, is 59,069 words there is a strong chance that this story could beat it.  It looks like I could be ending my Criminal Minds fic career with a hella bang.

Who is your favourite Criminal Minds Character?


Hey guys, so I decided to do a thing! Yes, look a thing. It will take two seconds of your time. Please vote!!!!

48,250 words written on In der Nacht Verschwunden.  I only have three scenes left to do before I can finally begin the climax and ending, one and three-quarters of those scenes are already written.  So yay for me!


Criminal Minds is on Netflix.

I kinda wanna rewatch season 1… >.>

do eeeettttt!!!!!!!!  I know I will be watching more next weekend.  The first three seasons are so awesome.

Remember the good times.


I think Erica Messer has been reading too many of those CM fics where Hotch and Beth break up.


So, I’m guessing that they tried to get Bellamy back for an episode but couldn’t because scheduling conflicts and are instead deciding to fuck it all up.

I am in a complete state of not surprised at all

I am so angry and sad right now I can hardly think.  They just ruin everything.

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‘Criminal Minds’ to pay tribute to the late Meshach Taylor |

The late Designing Women star first appeared on the CBS drama in season 8 as Harrison Scott, Rossi’s former Marine sergeant who fell on hard times and ended up a homeless vet after Vietnam. Five months before Taylor died, Scott and Rossi crossed paths again during a season 9 episode, in which Rossi helped Scott reunite with his long-lost son. For the upcoming season, Joe Mantegna is slated to direct an episode that brings a sense of closure to Scott’s storyline.

“Joe felt he would really like to finish that story that we started,” executive producer Erica Messer says. “It’s a huge deal for Joe because he and Meshach were friends for over 40 years, but also for Meshach’s career because the last acting thing he did was work with one of his best friends. Joe really wanted to honor the friendship and Meshach’s professional life and bring closure to the story. We’re going to do that almost midway through the season. It’ll be really touching.”

(Source: criminalmindsfeed)