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I realized if I am going to tackle this novel of doom I’m gonna need some help.  Is anyone willing to work with me, read the final draft from 13 years ago and help me jump into the rewrite?  Its long and a bit convoluted but I think the characters are loveable and sublime.  You have to be willing to be brutally honest, deal with a long story, and be willing to talk over the phone as this is something I feel much more comfortable about doing voice to voice.  So friends and acquaintances, let me know : )


William Hurt and John Heard are now too old to be face claims in my novel of doom.  I cant even believe I’m going to say this but I’m struggling to find two white, blond actors in their 40s.  How is this even possible?

So Tumblr…help!  I need them to be recognizable but not super famous because that will take away from the character they play.  Just throw me some names and I will catch them and look them up.

Thanks : )

You guys!!!!!!

Reply/reblog this post with words or phrases.  I’m in the mood to write some ficlets tonight.  And no, I dont care about ships or characters, just give me words and phrases.  The characters will probably work the rest out themselves.  Please and thank you.

What kind of dog would James Blake be?

Apr 1

Random Geography Question for people from Germany

Yeah, I know, I really couldnt get more random than that : )

Can someone tell me what cities or towns you might hit traveling south from Wittenburg to Regensburg, crossing the Elbe River?

My amount of gratitude knows no bounds…the geography of the story I’m working on is the hardest part, even with some excellent maps.

Biggest Favor Ever

Guys, if you or someone you know are good at making manips I would love your help.  I really need some young Handerson manips and I’ve got all the pics I need.  Now I just need someone 5000x more talented than me to help out.  I would appreciate it more than anything so signal boost this.  It would help me more than you know.

Mar 4

I need to do more reading on transitioning from male to female for one of my characters.  Does anyone know of good websites or books that can help.  I’m writing a teenage character (18) who came out as transgendered to her male best friend at about 13 (do you say “come out”?).  She’s in therapy, a therapist who deals with young people in the process of transition.  She is on hormones but she’s not exactly getting them legally since Medicaid wont cover them and she has a part-time job.  She’s about to go under the knife for breast augmentation, maybe.

She’s actually one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever written but she’s surely opened my eyes to how ignorant I am on transitioning and transgendered issues.  Any help would be truly appreciated : )

If anyone, anyone please, can point me in the direction of a downloadable version of Sting’s cover of Come Down in Time from Two Rooms, the Elton John/Bernie Taupin tribute album, I would be so damn grateful.  Its not on iTunes and my CD is soooooo long gone.  I really want to hear the song again and have it on my iPod.

I need to work on a list of at least 10 hot guys over the past nine seasons of Criminal Minds.  I dont want any of the guys on the alpha team or Will LaMontagne, James Blake (or alpha spouses). 

If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.  I’m working on a conversation for a story and I’m coming up a little short.  So far I just have Derek (I know he’s an alpha male but I need him), Scott Miller, and Will Hodges (the unsub from Parasite because he fits the smug, self-assured guy I need at least one of them to be).  Any help would be appreciated.


Does anyone who follows me or might see this out there in the big ass Tumblr world have super Photoshop skills, or some other digital art software?  I have none and was wondering if someone would mind making me some manips. 

I ship a pair that’s never been in a scene together and I really want to create something awesome just for them, pics and maybe an icon or two.  I would be appreciative and I do write fic for art.  So message me if you’re interested.