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NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 21: Actors Michel Gill (L) and Jayne Atkinson attend Tribeca Talks: After The Movie: ‘NOW: In the Wings On A World Stage’ during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.



Michel Gill, Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey, Jayne Atkinson and Michael Kelly of “House of Cards” attend the “Now: In The Wings On A World Stage” Premiere after party during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at The General on April 21, 2014 in New York City. 

Remember how Molly Baker and I had like two real conversations on Twitter?  Or the time Rachel Nichols and I got into a serious conversation about Tim Tebow’s hotness vs. his football abilities.  Or when Rick Dunkle was trying to give me tips on shaking off the anger of a low cubicle mate?  There was also the really cool time Virgil and I chatted about writing or when Kirsten favorited my tweets I sent her.

Normally I dont even waste my time “talking” to celebrities on Twitter.  Some fans who have all day to devote to trying to catch them while they’re on or interested, I wish them luck always.  I just feel like the cast and crew or Criminal Minds has always been so open to talking to us…not just about the show but everything under the sun and I think that’s great.  I mean I damn near lost my mind when Jayne Atkinson joined Twitter. 

These are my people and I just feel like its been so damn long since I’ve some people that actually interact with fans and never act stuck on themselves or too good to hang and have a little conversation sometimes.  I miss TG though.  I wish Shemar talked less about his abs and sexual innuendo, in between never giving up and living the dream.  I wish Paget was on 2500% more, cooking, watching Downton Abbey, having pizza parties, and adopting praying mantises.  She is the queen of quirky awesomeness.

And the Ambien kicked in like 10 minutes ago so I gotta go to bed.  I just wanted to say all of this.  I hope to hell it make sense to you guys and to me in the morning.

Here are my tweets in all of their glory (for some reason, no matter how I edit it they look so small).  The truth is, whether Jayne tweets me back or not I will still love her.  I know she is a busy woman who loves all of her fans.  I’m super hopeful, but my entire birthday doesnt hinge on it.

If it happens though, you guys are never gonna get me to shut the fuck up about it.  Fair warning.

The tweet is up, there’s no turning back.  And now I wait.

I’m struggling on wording my last tweet to Jayne Atkinson about my birthday tomorrow so its witty and fun and not stalker-esque.  Think I’ve done a good job so far…leave it to the last one to be this hard.

Goal for my 5 days off work:

A Jayne Atkinson birthday tweet and a sincere effort not to get flagged for going over my Tumblr post limit.

Its good to have goals.


*I wish I had all my gifs but I’m posting this from my phone.


I couldn’t find the original one I had made, so I made three more akhito

My Michel Gill tweet.  I was trying to go for nerdy adorable.  I think I did OK : )  The big reveal comes on Saturday afternoon, the day before the big day.

My Michel Gill tweet.  I was trying to go for nerdy adorable.  I think I did OK : )  The big reveal comes on Saturday afternoon, the day before the big day.