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Molly Baker got new head shots on her website, which sooooo many dont care about but I do because that’s your life when you love a tertiary character and the actress who plays them.


yeah my favorite character is in this episode. you have to watch very carefully [character comes on screen for less than thirty seconds] keep watching they’ve got another scene coming up near the end of the episode that’s like. forty-five seconds. maybe even fifty

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Your character finds themself in a seedy dive bar that they can’t leave immediately. What would they do?

It was pouring outside but it least it was warm in the bar.  It wasnt the nicest joint he’d ever been too but not the worst either.  it was maybe half full and some old songs, like from the 50s, played on the jukebox.  He sat at the furthest end of the bar, near the door and waited to be served.  the bartender was at the other end, chatting up with a couple of old timers.  Sam didnt know if they were trying to get into her pants or if this was just their nightly ritual.  She was cordial, with a sweet sexy laugh as she waved away the compliments and the offer to be someone’s fourth wife.

"Father," she laughed.  "I think these guys need Jesus more than they need me." she refilled the priest’s cognac.  "Give them a good word."

"I’m agnostic." one of them raised their hand.

"And you need the most help of all." she said.  "Excuse me boys, I got a thirsty one down on the end."

She walked toward him, he smiled when he saw her face.  big green eyes and a halo of golden yellow curls cascaded around her face.  she smiled as she put a napkin on the bar.  “What can I get you?”

"I’d like to know your name.  My momma told me not to talk to strangers."

"I’m Jessica.  Are you drinking tonight?"

"I’ll have a bourbon with a beer back…and I’m Sam."

"You wanna start a tab, Sam?" she asked.

"Is it easy to get a cab in this neighborhood at closing time?"

"its not easy to get a cab in this neighborhood at all.  Most of these guys are locals." she poured Jim Beam into a shot glass and handed him a bottle of Sam Adams.  "You’re not from around here are you?"

"No, but the person I’m looking for is.  He’s been missing for a week now and I’m getting nowhere.  You know what I need?"

"You need a girl Friday." Jessie said.

"I was going to say…"

"I get off at midnight, yo can buy me something to eat at the diner and I can help you out."

"How do you know I’m not a serial killer?" Sam asked.

"You’ve got sweet boy eyes." she put her hand down on the bar.  "Let me know when you’re ready for another ok?

New Fic

I wrote Sam and Jessie in canon with spoilers for Route 66.  I wished the whole wide world loved this pairing as much as I do.

I wrote a Sam/Jessie fic and its not syrupy sweet but its fluffy and banter-y and even a little angsty.  Even more than that…its canon!  Fuck yeah! *karate chop*

Why do Sam and Jessie always have to be so syrupy sweet in my head? Why can’t they be angsty, smutty, angry, something other than happy and kinda boring? I love them so much but wish I had more of a variety in their storytelling.


Seeing Jessica Brooks again was lovely, I wish she would appear more.


Seeing Jessica Brooks again was lovely, I wish she would appear more.

Sam and Jessie are so damn perfect when I write them in fic that they’ve practically reached Mary Sue/Gary Stu status…and this is my “I dont care” face.  They are perfect in my head, it doesnt matter to me if they’re unbelievable.  They’re the perfect love story in my head, the ideal, the fantasy, the fairy tale.  Ups and downs and trouble and even death, nothing can destroy how they feel about each other or how I feel about them.