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Mar 8

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"Paul and Joanne seemed to be in love. Anyone who was around them could tell that they were crazy about each other- and I was around them a lot. 

I tell you, it was beautiful to watch them together. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other -and such beautiful eyes they both had, hers green and slanted like a cat’s and his blue like the sky or the sea. And they couldn’t keep from touching each other. It was hand-holding and face stroking and hugging. But it was earthy, to, like him giving her a little squeeze here and a little slap there.

They didn’t flaunt it - they just felt it.” 

- A friend, from Susan Netter’s biography of Woodward & Newman, published in 1989. 

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Whenever the Hotch in my head describes his mother to someone he always says “she’s a cross between Jessica Lange in Everybody’s All American and Eve Black in The Three Faces of Eve.”

Feb 8

Turner Classic Movies is going to play The Three Faces of Eve at 2:30am. I’ll be sure to miss it. Damn! And another thing, why do I not have this movie on DVD?