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Have you ever woken up in the morning and can’t even?

Welcome to my Monday.

Sep 8

I survived the day.  I did it by the skin of my teeth but I still did it.  To celebrate I’m going to try to finish this damn fic and have more hot dogs and beer.  Fuck Monday.

Sep 8

I am having the worst fuckin day. I’m so hormonal. I had to listen the so-called manager talk about how mental illness isn’t real (or a lot of people fake it). The asswipe receptionist still hasn’t given me the payments I have to finish today and its after noon. I had to go on Twitter and see a bunch of black men defend Ray Rice and say some black women deserve to get knocked out. I feel angry and helpless and weepy and there is so much work to do in my office plus everyone got court letters so they want to call and cry about why they owe us so much goddamn money.

I can’t today. Some days I cannot and today is one of those days. Mondays are the fuckin devil anyway but today is especially hellacious. I need a hug.

I wont even bother to lie…I had a shit day today.  I made it through by the skin of my teeth and then come home to find out Robin Williams died.

Yeah, well fuck you too Monday!


Of course I didnt want to go to work today but I took Friday off and thought I was ready to go back and get it done.  I got there at 8:20a.m. and proceeded to spend the next five hours listening to bitches hack and cough and sneeze and clear their throats and probably pass a shitload of pathogens throughout the place, especially since the vents suck and it just circulates old ass air.  Let me tell you, if you want to know how long it takes for continuous hacking to strip you of your sanity, I would say three hours (though some are surely stronger than I). 

I went to my boss and told him I was leaving at 2.  I did a half-day, got a lot done, and I couldnt stand another moment in that place.  I have to find a way to build my mental levels back up so I can deal with the BS.  Its not the job, which has its moments but I can normally handle, its like the two assholes there that I cant stand, who do next to no work, and always got some shit with them  (and happened to be the people coughing all day).

Anyway, I’m home in my pajamas now, where its quiet.  I’m gonna put on and take a nap.  Fuck Mondays.

I’m mostly confined to bed today, not even for fun but because my ovaries have decided that my body is the enemy.  So I’m just gonna lie here, play online, and eat from this giant bag of candy as I somehow dont bleed to death, even though I probably should.

Happy Memorial Day, my American friends.  Happy Monday to everyone else, though I hope its some kind of holiday where you live so you can get out of work or school : )

I’m staying home today.  I was hoping to make it into work but between the first of the month whooping my ass all last week and losing that hour over the weekend, I need a little breather.  I think its a good idea.

Jan 6

Today was a total cherry-flavored, shit covered day.  Damn, even for a Monday it was extra special sucktacular.

Today’s plan to boost my mood includes going to the market for a large steak.  I’m having steak and eggs for breakfast and steak and potatoes for dinner and yes…meat makes me happy.  Maybe it can improve my mood enough to finally write more of my AU.

But first….coffee.  I need the caffeine to convince myself that getting dressed is a good idea.