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I’m staying home today.  I was hoping to make it into work but between the first of the month whooping my ass all last week and losing that hour over the weekend, I need a little breather.  I think its a good idea.

Jan 6

Today was a total cherry-flavored, shit covered day.  Damn, even for a Monday it was extra special sucktacular.

Today’s plan to boost my mood includes going to the market for a large steak.  I’m having steak and eggs for breakfast and steak and potatoes for dinner and yes…meat makes me happy.  Maybe it can improve my mood enough to finally write more of my AU.

But first….coffee.  I need the caffeine to convince myself that getting dressed is a good idea.

I’m staying home from the plantation today.  Goal: a nap, Season 2 of Breaking Bad, not to go over my Tumblr post limit, maybe some fic.  I’m taking the power back, Mondays.

I overslept so hardcore this morning that I cant even chill and cruise Tumblr.  I shouldnt even be here now.  As if I needed more reason for Monday to suck.  Love you all, sorry I dont get to chill much today.  Maybe later at work during a lull.

I do have key lime pie though…that’s something.

I had a ‘it sucks so bad I wanna cry’ day. This week is not going to be a good one, I can already tell.

Ugh, its too close to Monday.

This is my Monday morning face.

This is my Monday morning face.

Dec 3

Today just became look at cute pictures of cats so I wont kill anyone day.