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Remember how Molly Baker and I had like two real conversations on Twitter?  Or the time Rachel Nichols and I got into a serious conversation about Tim Tebow’s hotness vs. his football abilities.  Or when Rick Dunkle was trying to give me tips on shaking off the anger of a low cubicle mate?  There was also the really cool time Virgil and I chatted about writing or when Kirsten favorited my tweets I sent her.

Normally I dont even waste my time “talking” to celebrities on Twitter.  Some fans who have all day to devote to trying to catch them while they’re on or interested, I wish them luck always.  I just feel like the cast and crew or Criminal Minds has always been so open to talking to us…not just about the show but everything under the sun and I think that’s great.  I mean I damn near lost my mind when Jayne Atkinson joined Twitter. 

These are my people and I just feel like its been so damn long since I’ve some people that actually interact with fans and never act stuck on themselves or too good to hang and have a little conversation sometimes.  I miss TG though.  I wish Shemar talked less about his abs and sexual innuendo, in between never giving up and living the dream.  I wish Paget was on 2500% more, cooking, watching Downton Abbey, having pizza parties, and adopting praying mantises.  She is the queen of quirky awesomeness.

And the Ambien kicked in like 10 minutes ago so I gotta go to bed.  I just wanted to say all of this.  I hope to hell it make sense to you guys and to me in the morning.

When I was a little girl I decided I was going to Bryn Mawr because that’s where Katharine Hepburn went.  Then I got a little older and decided to go to Vassar or Sarah Lawrence because smart, independent women had been going there for over a century.  In the end I decided to go to Bloomsburg because I finally just wanted to be me.

Apr 3

Sometimes I worry that I’ve surpassed my usefulness at this job.  Its challenging, dont get me wrong, but the environment is so toxic.  I keep my mouth shut and my head down.  I spend more time here than I do anywhere so that’s kind of become how I live my life (mouth shut, head down).  Has my fear of change (and job interviews) kept me chained to a place I dont belong?  I know there is more I can do here, more goals to accomplish, and I’ve certainly learned so much…but do I still belong here?

I love words.  I probably love words more than I love people most of the time.  But I really hate the word cum.

I just watched the latest two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I dont like the idea of Coulson being all vengeful and sad and going after people, een bad people within his own group.  Not that I want him to be a robot to the man either but I’m not sure this direction is something I want to see. 

Also Ward and May….eww, she can do so much better.  May and Sif…yes please.  And I think Ward is in love with Skye, which kinda makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth.

Mar 8

It’s weird for me to call or think about him as Agent Anderson now that he has a name.  I’ve always called him by his last name but I want his first name to pick up more steam.  Now we can interchange his first and last name like all the other characters on the show.

Mar 2

I’m not the world’s biggest Scandal fan but I wanna root for Olitz.  They’re hot and smart and a little dangerous and he’s fuckin dashing and she’s beautiful and she doesnt need saving and he worships her and she hurts him and he hurts her right back and we all know they’re endgame no matter what the fuck happens but ugh…its infidelity. 

Yeah, I can be a prude sometimes about a variety of things but he made vows with another woman and he has children with her and I get that Fitz loves Olivia and the feeling has always been mutual, but its so fuckin unhealthy the way they go round and round and round and he’s never gonna leave Melly but expects her to wait because he wants it all…The White House, the legacy, the woman and the power and she wants him but wants the Gladiators and the power and the ass-kickery and fuck me I have never seen two people more horrible and perfect for each other at the same time and I cant take it so I rarely watch anymore.

Ugh, I dont want to use George Foyet for this unsub in this sotry but seriously, the original Reaper (not even the second incantation in Omnivore and definitely not the one who was all Hotch-centric and vengeful) was an awesome ass unsub.  Plus his being a hebephile and handy with knives fits exactly who this character is in the AU. 

And Raphael Hankel (who happens to be one of my favorite unsubs *Don Swayze fuck yeah*) doesnt really because he was just a religious zealot and child abuser.  He may have been a murderer too but I dont remember, I dont think so.  So I may just have to go with Foyet.  He’s not the biggest bad guy in the story but the idea of a showdown with Sam where Sam comes out on top, is always appealing.

I’ve accomplished much in my nearly 36 years on earth…

-I was blessed with a genius IQ.

-I survived an abusive childhood.

-I skipped kindergarten and graduated from high school a year early.

-I was the second person in my family to graduate from college.

-I’ve written a novel (though its not the greatest story ever told) and been published in multiple magazines.

-I have amazing friends from New Jersey to New Zealand, and a family I adore.

-I’ve been in the same career for 13 years and make a middle class wage.

-I want for nothing material, and bought all I need and desire with my own money.

And I still look in the mirror almost every day of my life and think to myself that the nearly insurmountable emotional walls I’ve had to climb would’ve been easier, or maybe not even there, if I had been thin, white, and “conventionally” pretty.  That’s how pervasive the beauty myth is for women, especially women of color.








So I’ve seen the promo for next week’s Criminal Minds and I have one question:
How are they going to have Erin in it?
Now don’t get me wrong, I love Jayne and am so happy they’ve brought her back for an episode. But I’m still concerned. Obviously all of her scenes are going to be flash backs, but I’m trying to figure out what this will have to do with JJ and Cruz…because they weren’t in her department if I remember correctly.
Ugh. Well even if I don’t like the episode, I at least get to see Jayne play Erin Strauss again.

I think they’re going to ret-con Erin’s entire story, and the story of JJ leaving the BAU in season 6, and kinda ruin everything.  Stay tuned.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did ruin everything, to be honest. I mean, what Erin did when it came to JJ and her time with the state department was kind of ridiculous. (Forcing her to go, I mean.) But I know that wasn’t all Erin’s decision, but I’m seeing the eventuality they somehow make even that little bit worse.

I’m not much of an Erin fan. (Sorry). But I think even this is going to be absolutely face-palmingly stupid. I do not get all these flash backs touching on these scenes.

I know they’re only doing this to get viewers, Paget’s return is basically the whole promo.

It’s really just awful, this episode is going to make me really upset, I can just feel it.

I’m sorry, this isn’t because I am Erin fan(and you don’t have to apologize for not liking a character, ever!) but she most assuredly did not “force” her to go. I have no problem people not liking or hating my faves but she just didn’t do that. She just enforced what would have happened no matter who was in charge.

She stated several times that the decision was beyond her, that it was people much higher than herself that made the decision to transfer JJ. I’ve seen this episode several times because I always rewatch Jayne’s appearances even if I hate the episode. Strauss had nothing to do with the decision at all. It was in no way her idea.  And It was “a done deal” by the time Hotch even heard about it. Maybe if Hotch had been informed before it was about to happen about it, he could have done something but as it was, he was kinda blindsided. 

(Of course, I realize they were writing A.J. out! I am just speaking of within the CM universe, Aaron might have had more of a chance of blocking the transfer if JJ had just come to him when she first was informed about it.)

All Erin did was bring it to Hotch’s attention because JJ’s thought that by ignoring something it would go away. Because apparently that’s how a grown woman would deal with something like this. I think this is actually where I start to dislike JJ, she’s acts a like a petulant child. 

The thing that really clinched it for me as far as viewing Aaron and JJ act like both immature and unprofessional in “J.J.”, why I dislike them so much in this ep and have no real sympathy for either of them is the scene when Strauss asks him if she(Erin) is supposed to give up her job so JJ can keep hers. Because it’s just the writers’ way of trying force the idea that this team is such a “family” and so damn exceptional, too. I hate it. it’s once of the themes they use way too much for my taste.

As far “200” goes, it’s a sweeps month ep, they wanted to make a big deal out of it because of the episode number and they are trying, maybe, to get a few old viewers back with a Paget appearance. I would much rather them not have blown all this money on one “special” episode and concentrate on the writing of the show as a whole. This whole season has felt very gimmicky to me and a bit desperate in how they have told several stories. 

You’re correct in that and I was mistaken because I did not enjoy that episode/arc/season, etc. So I haven’t seen it but the once.

I recall what you’re saying though, with the fact that it was above her pay grade as well.

I don’t really recall how JJ and Aaron acted because— again, didn’t watch it that much— but it would be ridiculous to expect Erin to give her job up because of that.

Sometimes they do force the family thing down the throat a little too much.

But I agree, too, that they should spend their money better elsewhere. I feel 9 has been disappointing and gimmicky as well.

Hopefully once they get this “200” thing out of the way it’ll be better. But I’m not holding my breath.

Heh, I was hoping that I didn’t sound too snarky or something. It’s just that I have watched that ep a lot. And, yeah, I agree season 6 was bad. Until 8, it was my least favorite season. But so far I feel 9 has been worse than either of those two but I am hoping they can turn it around after “200”.

I don’t have much hope, either, though, about them turning it around. I do think after it airs, they probably will go back to more stand-alone than arcs. They better with those types of eps. For whatever reason the CM writers just don’t thread continuing stories well.

With the “family” thing, they did a much better job in the earlier seasons, when they didn’t bring the word family up so much. It’s the difference between showing them acting as a family and telling us over-and-over again they are one. Like with the Alex-centered ep this season, I was looking forward to the end, with Alex being with her dad and brother on her own. But, the whole team had to show up to emphasize the BAU family. I love Alex - I would have preferred to see her interact more with only her blood family, maybe have heard more about her mom and late brother.

You definitely didn’t sound snarky! I’m fine with people correcting me when I screw something up. Haha. And I really screwed that up! And yeah— I think season 6 is still my least favorite as I feel Alex is a redeeming quality for 8. Not that her writing has been stellar, but I quite enjoy her character and everything.

I don’t have a lot of hope either, but they do tend to do better with single-episode arcs since they are laughably incompetent when it comes to continuity.

I just don’t understand why they’re bringing this stuff back up. You have this being resultant from JJ in season 6. Aaron’s backsliding from his Reaper wounds in… jesus, season 4 or 5? I just don’t get it.

I think they’re trying to bring old fans back without realizing they’re just making old fans angry, at least imo.

(I’m not an old fan, I started watching at the end of s7 but I so much prefer the older episodes.)

I definitely agree. They didn’t force the family concept down everyone’s throat— they showed and not told. I remember, rather distinctly, the scene in one episode, where Gideon invites them all to watch old Chaplin projection movies in the round table room. And I loved that, it seemed natural. And instead of forcing this ALWAYS ALL OF US A FAMILY FOREVER, they just had moments which showed it.

(Like Garcia trying to get Reid to go out at the end of Sex, Birth, Death. And of course, I love the reassuring conversations Hotch used to have with his team. Like assuring Reid he can talk to him about nightmares, and Elle how to not end up alone.)

The only reason I did like the rest of the team showing up to Alex’s family barbecue is I kind of love for any Alex/Aaron interaction. xD But that’s just the sad little shipper in me. I agree it would have been a lot better if it had just been her, her brother, and her dad.