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Oct 3

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New Fic

I’m posting all the fics that were backed up while I was working on the historical AU of doom.  This time its Trois, where I tried (and probably failed) to write Rossi/Strauss/Hotch as a threesome.

Hotch & Blake requested by obsessive-compulsions

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Sep 8

Have we ever seen Hotch’s kitchen?  When you walk into his condo it goes straight into the living room, which we’ve seen all of.  We’ve seen Jack’s bedroom but not Aaron’s.  I think maybe, if I’m not mistaken, that he and Jack were baking Halloween cookies in the kitchen in that Season 6 episode when Jack dresses as him for Halloween.  Is that so or in my head?

Sep 7
Sep 7

The anon who loves my Hotch/Strauss stuff might hate me after reading my latest for the pairing.  I might have to put some kind of epilogue on it or something.  Dont know why it got so angsty, I was in a good mood tonight.

Sep 4

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Sep 3

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Sep 2

my hand slipped I swear


my hand slipped I swear

Remember the good times.