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To listen to character actors talk about how insulting it is to be expected to live off $2750 a week (I guess that’s scale) when I make like half of that in 2, kinda makes me wanna punch them in the face.  And I know that I work all 52 weeks a year and their work is more sporadic but damn, it made me pause and have to check my anger.

Am I’m the only person who might find a TV/movie character very attractive but not necessarily think the same of the actor/actress who plays the character, or vice-versa in finding the actor/actress attractive but not the character they’re currently playing.  Am I making any sense?

Now every time I see an actress with a dazzling perfect smile I think about Paget Brewster and assume that its not real.

Why do actors and actresses who look beautiful with their own hair color always go blonde? Most of the time they dont look half as good.