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Favorite Sub Characters: [Whatever the fuck his first name is] Anderson

His first name is Grant ;)

Jun 1

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May 9


BRIAN APPEL (AGENT ANDERSON) IN SEASON 7 DVD SPECIALS (huge thanks to shmoo06 for the video!)

Okay, here’s three things I’m happy about

But Handerson though.

Apr 5

New Fic

Ladies, gentlemen, and esteemed guests, I would like to introduce you to The Original Grant Anderson.

Apr 4

Grant Anderson and his namesake are on the road discussing strippers, Springsteen, and fighting the Establishment. Grandpa Anderson may be old but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t lived.

Apr 4

Working on a new teen Anderson fic.  Hotch isnt in this one but he is a topic of conversation.  So glad Grant is talking in my head again…I love the idea of spending my Friday with him.