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Feb 9

Lying here, feeling kinda blah, and wondering if teen Hotch and Anderson do go to different schools in different cities, and the Scooby Gang kinda scatters all over the country then who would the new core group of friends consist of in their separate lives.

I wrote 20 pages of the Comfort and Joy AU today, along with all of my accounting.  Seven year old Penelope Garcia will always be one of my favorite characters to write.

Derek and Erin are breaking up in my head in the Blood of my Blood universe. I don’t think its gonna last but its happening.

Fics in Queue

The saga continues….

1) Sam/Jessie and the birth of their second baby in the Blood of my Blood universe. (completely typed, needs to be edited and posted)

2) Handerson #6, which involves pie, kissing, and mention of Spencer’s 16th birthday. (completely written, needs to be typed)

3) Erin/Mark and a bad car accident. (three-quarters written, needs to be typed)

4) Erin/Mark and he buys her her dream house. (midway written)

5) Hotch/Prentiss Babylon universe road story. (nearly completely written, needs to be typed)

6) Erin and Megan have dinner and talk men in the Blood of my Blood universe. (completely written, needs to be typed)

7) Two more scenes for I’ll Take Manhattan. (incomplete)

I actually finished my Thicker than Water story but I need a good edit because I’m not sure it makes sense at all.

The next scene in the fic is Dave and Erin’s first date.  I am so hopeful that I have the energy to write it, along with a draft & craft for my wonderfully plotless AU, today.

Two new scenes ready to write for the new AU.  Just crossed 5000 words and I’m thinking this might be a story, plot or not.  I’m excited because I really didnt see it coming.  Just when you think you might be moving onto something else, these characters let you know that they still have things to say.

3500 words done on the new AU.  I’m supposed to be working on an Erin/Mark fic for #1098 but I got wrapped up in these amazing voices in my head.  Erin has met Dave and Kirk Douglas showed up, which is rather epic.  I’ve mentioned other characters but am not sure if they’ll have scenes.  Next up…figuring out if Sam Kassmeyer lives in this universe.

Second scene in the possible 80s AU is written.  The introduction of David Rossi was interesting as always.  If this story is going to go on I’m gonna need a plot.  I had a little subplot in mind that was dreadfully sad and I’m not going to write it (unless the muses absolutely compel me).  I think right now I’m just focusing on the Erin-Jason friendship and dynamic and might write about her falling in love with Dave and how her career is about to seriously take off.

It’s New Year’s Eve 1979, Jason Gideon and Erin Strauss are doing coke and drinking champagne in some dimly lit library on the Upper West Side talking about celibacy, the Reagan era to come, and possibly “gay cancer”.  It’s not just a new decade, its a whole new world.