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That awkward moment when a character who only appears once on a show, for whatever reason, captures your imagination and you want more but know you’ll never get it. 

Or, should I say, those awkward 20 moments?

Dec 2

That awkward moment when you have a sandwich or something and not enough juice in your cup to wash it all down.

That awkward moment when you spell your own name wrong like 5 times.

The Stir, those mixer nights started by look really interesting. I love mixers. And even though I’m incredibly uncomfortable going places alone, everyone is there looking to meet new people and enjoy themselves so I would have a few martinis, loosen up, and just go talk to the 2nd most awkward looking person in the room since the awkward people can always find each other.

Also though, and I might just watch too many procedurals for my own good, that place would be a playground for a serial killer. I’m just sayin. That wouldnt discourage me from going, I’d always play it smart, but I think about it anyway.

Sep 7


That awkward moment when the girl you’d love to be with (if pesky shit like miles and the age difference didnt exist) texts you for advice about the girl she’s crazy about and you have to be your normal, advice-giving friend self. I know us being friends will always be awesome, and for the best, but damn, a weekend together might be nice.

That awkward moment when you get to the hot stuff in your fic, and suddenly your brain doesnt know how to write it and now two people are going at it in your head and you’re just sitting there with nothing much to say.

That awkward moment when you start loving an actor or actress you barely know because in your head they remind you of a younger version of a character on a show you love.