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"I need to make some plans for my political future, and I do have a bright, bright political future. The sweet lawyer who gave up on her career for her husband, suffered a miscarriage, then had a late in life baby while First Lady…that’s gold. That’s a future president. That’s a hell of a second act, and America loves a second act." "Mellie." "Get over her." "Mellie!" "GET OVER HER!"

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Bellamy Young reacting to her Critics’ Choice nomination (x)

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Jul 1

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"You can be very alone in a big crowd if you’re not being yourself. And when you’re being authentic you will draw to you like-minded and like-hearted people." -Bellamy Young

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Bellamy and Tom Dexter. 2 of the best. [X]

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Bellamy Young @ the Closing Ceremony and Golden Nymph Awards of the 54th Monte Carlo TV Festival, 11th June 2014

Dorkface! [x]

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