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After thorough research and extensive breakthroughs, its been decided that it is a total *NOPE* kinda day.

I have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning, get my hair done at 8, which should take about 4 hours, come home and chill for a minute, pick up my nephew at 2 to take him to visit my grandma for a couple of hours, come home, and then collapse.  Did I mention tomorrow is Saturday and its supposed to rain all day?

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Weekend Goal

to get at least three of my fics in queue finished and posted.  I have so many damn sheets of yellow legal paper around from writing the ideas out that my carpet is starting to look yellow (its blue).

Apr 5
Smile everybody, its Friday : )

Smile everybody, its Friday : )

Mar 8
One more day till the weekend.  Celebrate!

One more day till the weekend.  Celebrate!

Feb 8





This is about the longest week ever. When the hell will it be Friday?

Time to get my Saturday on!!!