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send me a character and I’ll tell you one thing I have in common with them


A character can still be a great character without being a good person.

In fact, some of the best characters are terrible people.

Because a character’s worth should be based on how complex and interesting they are, not their morality if they were real.


i like knowing character ages and heights and birthdays because it makes them feel more real to me and i like that feeling because i’m a fucking nerd

How can a character be played in two different ways, wholly unlikable in the first interpretation and infinitely likable in the second, by two different men, of two different ethnic backgrounds, and I love them both?

It’s an amazing, beautiful thing.

Ugh, I dont want to use George Foyet for this unsub in this sotry but seriously, the original Reaper (not even the second incantation in Omnivore and definitely not the one who was all Hotch-centric and vengeful) was an awesome ass unsub.  Plus his being a hebephile and handy with knives fits exactly who this character is in the AU. 

And Raphael Hankel (who happens to be one of my favorite unsubs *Don Swayze fuck yeah*) doesnt really because he was just a religious zealot and child abuser.  He may have been a murderer too but I dont remember, I dont think so.  So I may just have to go with Foyet.  He’s not the biggest bad guy in the story but the idea of a showdown with Sam where Sam comes out on top, is always appealing.

You go into tags because you love a character.  You’re in there five minutes and you just want people to shut the hell up.  There is nothing wrong with commentary (even if I dont agree with it), well-thought out and written posts about characters and plots and moments and all of it…but the hate is insane. 

Dont tag your hate, people.  I know its hard sometimes but lets practice, mmk?  I’ll work on mine (I’ve been called out a few times, whether its really tagging “hate” or not) and you work on yours and maybe the tags can return to who they’re supposed to belong to, the character and the people who love them.

Also, tagging anything with a popular tag so people can see it is a real pain in the ass.  Porn, cats, other shows, all kinds of foolishness ends up in a tag that has nothing to do with it all for notes.  Not cool.

As much as some fans rag on Morgan for whatever reasons they choose to rag on him, in thinking about it, he is the only character on Criminal Minds who experienced a trauma and was shown to actually be dealing with it through therapy, hard work, and talking about it with others publicly. 

None of the other characters have done so, unless you count Spencer going to that one NA meeting (I’m sure he went to more but that’s all they showed us) and the fact that his “drug problem” was implied like a mofo up until that point…yeah.

These are some seriously repressed and messed up individuals.  I know a lot of people are, a lot of people get through the shit life hands them anyway they know how.  But I dont think its cool to keep showing them like this, brushing off the serious blows, never bringing it up again, bringing it up so many years later its almost insignificant, drinking it off (alone or in a group *so-called family moments*)…IDK, I’m ranting, and I know this is a fault of the writers and not the characters themselves (though they are the writer’s creations) but its something that upsets me greatly.

There are going to be so many damn characters in this fic, if things go the way I want, its ridiculous.  When do you cut off naming all the characters and just slap “ensemble” on the thing?

Sep 9

For some fans it always seems as if any discussion of Criminal Minds , any at all, has to be turned into a discussion of Spencer Reid. He isn’t the only character on the show and the actions of everyone around him aren’t always about him either.

Sep 8

It drives me nuts when TV writers dont give characters a last name if they have a first name, or vice-versa.  It’s ridiculous.  Even if they’re not mentioned on the show they should be available on like imdb or or something.  Do they know, or care, how damn difficult they make it for fic writers?