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Writing Comic - Writing Rage


Writing Comic - Writing Rage

OMG, aregrettablehullabaloo, I’ve been lying here for like the past 30 minutes with so many scenes from Titanic going through my head.  But instead of Leo and Kate its Hotch and Prentiss, and during the great dinner scene Jack is wearing a little baby boy tux. 

This is all your fault!  <3

Its funny how you can write your OTP at so many different ages, in so many different scenarios and places in time, and no matter what who they are is going to come shining through.

I’ve written Rossi/Strauss teen AUs before and these two characters are a bit different, particularly where Erin is concerned.  And yet that banter, that way, that sexiness, that ‘fate of them belonging together through the shit storm” always shows itself and they hold onto it tighter than even I do.

Handerson sex or Strossi sex?  Not to mention all of the work I should be doing at work. I always seem to want to write more when I shouldnt be.  Think it might be better to just have fun in my head today.

Rossi is a bit too Zen in this universe I’m writing and he also has a lot of good sex for someone who’s only 18.  I might just be deluded myself on the whole sex thing though.

I have teenage Erin Strauss and Ursula Kent talking in my head.  Nothing but good times can come of this.

Ugh, Dave and Erin are in my head and they’re talking on the phone and she’s being sexy and snarky and he’s being crazy about her…and there’s a damn wall up and I cant quite get this thing on paper.

Apr 9

I have a very busy day planned at the office but Erin Strauss is feeling amorous. Amorous Erin Strauss doesn’t like being ignored. So I will be multi-tasking.

Apr 7

There is a very attractive black man chatting up Erin Strauss in my head. She’s enjoying the conversation but her husband is not.

Apr 4

Grant Anderson and his namesake are on the road discussing strippers, Springsteen, and fighting the Establishment. Grandpa Anderson may be old but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t lived.