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Sep 7


is supposed to make you sleepy, which is awesome because I’ve had sleep issues for my entire life.  I also have ADHD.  So sometimes when I take my Ambien, it combines with my ADHD and gives me this surge of energy to pump out a ficlet or gets the characters in my head buzzing for attention and then I do things like write and the next day it makes just enough sense for me to finagle with it and actually maybe make a story.

This is happening right now.

Sep 6

Now every time I see rescue dogs I’m gonna think about Erin adopting Scruff while Dave was away and not even realizing that was what she was doing when she named him.

Because my life revolves around a fictional character who I created an entire fictional world for in my head that is both connected to and completely separate from the fictional world in which she was originally created.

Sep 1

The AU thing I reblogged earlier has me wanting to write Rossi x Strauss friendship plus more teen AU ala Joey and Dawson.

And when I was in the bathroom this morning college Claire came back into my head running into law school Frank two weeks after the stairwell.

I also managed to write like 3 scenes of the climax/end of In der Nacht Verschwunden tonight so Sunday has been good for the writer in me.

I took some Ambien, was about to slide into bed, and seven year old Penelope popped into my head.  She wants to tell a story and I want to listen but I gotta get some sleep.  So I wrote out a page and have to pray for the rest to still be there in the morning.

Walking back from the drug store….

a scenario suddenly filled my head for a Hotch/Rossi romance in a support group ala Go On with banter and sexy schmuff.  Dont know if I’m gonna write it but it has been a while since these guys tickled my brain and I was happy to see them.

I need to finish In der Nacht Verschwunden cuz I have Emily and Elizabeth Prentiss in my head and that story always needs to be told.

I’m writing a story set in 16th century Germany but for some strange reason I hear Sam Kassmeyer in my head with an American southern accent.

Aug 3

To listen to a fiftysomething character in my head talking to her twentysomething son about the ***Flawless remix, and they both have the same level of hyper-excitement…its what I live for.

Aug 2

Frank is kinda in love with Sarah I think, but he needs Emily (who is a princess) to help him get his usurped throne back.  Plus he wants to bag a virgin cuz he’s a douchebag.  Both Sarah and Emily are virgins but something in him loves Sarah too much to take the one thing from her that makes her so special to him (these are his thoughts not mine).  So he’ll marry Emily and revere Sarah until the love for her nearly overwhelms him and he’ll have to kill her to save himself.*

*Sarah is unharmed in this story, its just a line of thought I’m going through at the moment.  Just because the fic ends doesnt mean their stories do, you know?

OK, Germany’s over for the night.  Not only do I need to go to bed but not quite a prostitute Erin and FBI agent Dave are about to get busy in my head.  I’m also looped off Ambien so….anything can happen.