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Guess who trouble shot her iTunes/external hard drive/computer problem and fixed it all by herself?  That’s right, it was me.  And even though I had to pay $20 to iTunes support to not really help, Joe was nice and if I hadnt been talking to him I never would’ve stopped to think about what might really be the problem.  Self-reliant…FUCK YEAH!!!!

Has your computer ever kicked you out of everything? And then suddenly one day you wake up and everything is normal but you have to re-sign in and be re-remembered in all of your favorite websites? Please tell me this is not just me.

My computer security just turned off out of nowhere. Luckily the computer warned me and I went in and turned the malware and firewall back on. WTF, that’s never happened before.

It cannot be just me

Does anyone else hate when weird computer shit happens and a tab goes from being first to last on your dash with no warning or explanation? How does that even happen? Its the third time this week for me.


I always freak out when I have to “install updates” on my PC. I know some serious horror stories and I’ve even had an occasion or two when Matilda, my laptop, had an adverse reaction. So I always hold my breath when the time comes. We just made it through another update unscathed. I’m very thankful.