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I believe it is so important right now, with all that is happening, to express your anger, rage, sadness, and any other feelings you have associated with what you see on Twitter, Tumblr, or maybe even the news.  This is America, land of the free and all that jazz, and people are being attacked in their own backyards and then being blamed for the problem.  For some of us, this is nothing new and there is a disgust but never a shock…how can you be shocked by something that has happened over and over again.  For some this is expected but never quite seen on this scale with their own eyes and their own time…it was something that happened to older relatives fighting for the same freedom from persecution and death.

And for even more of us, these social networks are our escape from reality.  You cant escape Ferguson or Gaza or floods in Detroit and Maine, its happening and its here and look at it dammit because this IT’S HERE!!!  But for a while, I have to step back.  I signal boosted and reported and conversed because its important, I know how important it is.  I also know I have to look after myself and constantly watching my people be killed, harmed, dehumanized, criminalized, “justifiably” murdered…it takes a toll on my mental health.  For the next couple of days this blog will be going back to its regularly scheduled programming.  Cats, steak, fic, ships, and probably a little Beyonce.  Dont take that to mean I dont give a damn about current events, I am nearly overcome with giving a damn.  That’s exactly why I have to back away.  I stand with the citizens of Ferguson, I pray for the citizens of Ferguson, and I want to do everything in my power to make sure these moments, this time, doesnt fade away and folks go back to business as usual.  I just need to breathe.

Thanks for listening and I hope you guys continue to fight the fight hard or back away as well if that’s what you need to do.  The #1 thing we all need to do is support each other in whichever decision we have to make.

May 5

Cornealious Anderson actually got time served in the Missouri case where the state never told him when to report to jail on a robbery charge.

I’m sincerely shocked they didnt throw the book at this brother.

Davion Henry wants a family so he can get out of the foster care system that’s held him for 15 years.  A heartbreaking but also heartwarming story of a young man who knows God hasnt given up on him.

WWE star comes out as gay.

What else would he come out as?  A socialist?  Its a dumb headline.  Important moment, dumb headline.

May 7

Very interesting story on a mentally disabled couple fighting for their right to live together because they’re now married.

Though you have to get to the bottom of the article to find it, and that’s difficult let me tell you, there is at least one young man in Steubenville, Ohio with morals, decency, and sense.

Was this reporter fired for wearing and embracing her natural hair?

Not only is this an interesting article but for one of the first time probably since the internet existed, the comments are overwhelmingly supportive and eloquent. I’m utterly shocked.

Dec 8

I dont understand

Can someone tell me why in every article I see about the nurse who died in London it mentions she is of Indian origin? I dont understand the significance. She is a human being who committed suicide, possibly with a horrible prank as a trigger, that’s what’s important. Origin is important too I know but not in this story. Or am I missing something?

Dec 5

Why does the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy make me want to write Hotch/Prentiss AU royal baby fic? Doubt I will but funny thoughts have been floating through my head for days.

What the fuck is the story with the shirtless FBI Agent? I would feel so much better if they were just talking about Derek Morgan.