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I wrote this too (am I being a total snot falling in love with my own writing again?)

“Aunt Emily!” Ashley exclaimed as she came bounding down the stairs like six kids instead of one. “Did you bring the rated R movies?”

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” Dave said as he watched her hug her godmother. When Carolyn passed away and Dave became Ashley’s legal guardian he asked Jason and Emily to be her godparents. If anything ever happened to him he knew that the two of them would always take care of her. It was the first he ever considered that something might happen to him. Leaving the FBI, though difficult, doubled his safety chances.

“I just got here; that’s impossible. The rated R movies thing was mostly a joke.”

“I’m talking about posting on social networking sites that I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh um…” Ashley held onto Emily. “I’m just spreading the love, Pops; sharing the joy.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Dave said. “You’re misinforming the public which consists of, for the purposes of this conversation, your school friends who shouldn’t know my business anyway.”

“My bad?” she put it in question form and smiled.

I wrote this and it made me giggle rereading it. I think Dave and Jason should be besties in every AU ever written.

“I think Erin wants to tell me something but can’t. Do you have any idea…?” 


“That was quick.” Dave looked at him. 

“I’m friends with both of you. I don’t want, no scratch that, I will not be in the middle of anything. I mean that whether it’s good or bad.” 

“You’re like a brother to me.” 

“You already have four brothers and countless problems with all of them.” Jason said. “I would rather be your best friend, thank you.”

The Soul Taker

I posted the whole story on LJ because Tumblr was starting to peeve me and I cant post anything on AO3 yet. I think some Strauss fans and Rossi/Strauss fans will like it so read it if you have a chance.  Thanks.

I would give almost anything to have gotten a Rossi/Strauss hotel scene. Either the first hotel in season 7 or the New York hotel in season 8. I want to know what they talked about. Did Rossi help her with her necklace? Did Erin tie his tie? How does it sound when they laugh together. Do they spoon or does Erin like to hold him against her? Who makes the coffee in the little coffeemaker the hotel provides? I can see Dave handing Erin, still in bed, a coffee cup and receiving a kiss as reward. They held hands all through the lobby but left separately, Erin whispering something in Dave’s ear and he smiles that devilish grin before kissing her hand and walking out.

We’re never going to have that. Dave is never going to think about or talk about Erin again. The whole year will be lost to the characters and the fans. We won’t get coffee dates or foot massages or movie nights or Skype from the road or Hotch ribbing him like he ribbed Hotch. That still hurts and I’m not sure that it will ever stop. So many fans have ships that they hope and wish and pray will become canon for hundreds of reasons. I have a ship who did, but only through the words of producers, never once onscreen.

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59/∞  Criminal Minds Caps

59/  Criminal Minds Caps

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Walking back from the drug store….

a scenario suddenly filled my head for a Hotch/Rossi romance in a support group ala Go On with banter and sexy schmuff.  Dont know if I’m gonna write it but it has been a while since these guys tickled my brain and I was happy to see them.

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