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Oct 9

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Oct 5


Derek Morgan is SUCH an important character. A black man who was sexually abused by someone he trusted, as a kid—after witnessing a horribly traumatic event—and he saved himself and overcame his demons to become an amazing FBI profiler. And he channeled his pain into being an amazingly good, empathetic guy while also being a badass and saving countless lives. DEREK MORGAN IS SO IMPORTANT, GUYS. 

Oct 4


The BAU as Greek gods and goddesses

inspired by

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Oct 4


people who don’t think derek morgan is a perfect human being:

1) wrong

2) how dare you

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When you listen to your ship’s official song, which is kinda syrupy sweet and beautiful, it shouldn’t give you such smutty thoughts. At least one more pairing is taken care of for my “Final Fics” challenge.

Sep 7
Sep 7
Sep 7


Top 10 Criminal Minds saddest scenes as voted by my followers:

6. Derek Morgan confronting his abuser; Carl Buford

Sep 3

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I’ve decided that I don’t want Hotch’s office.That’s where he belongs. If necessary, we can discuss this again at a later date, but right now, we really need to get started on this case.

Criminal Minds - Season 5 - The Eyes Have It (2009)