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I wrote this too (am I being a total snot falling in love with my own writing again?)

“Aunt Emily!” Ashley exclaimed as she came bounding down the stairs like six kids instead of one. “Did you bring the rated R movies?”

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” Dave said as he watched her hug her godmother. When Carolyn passed away and Dave became Ashley’s legal guardian he asked Jason and Emily to be her godparents. If anything ever happened to him he knew that the two of them would always take care of her. It was the first he ever considered that something might happen to him. Leaving the FBI, though difficult, doubled his safety chances.

“I just got here; that’s impossible. The rated R movies thing was mostly a joke.”

“I’m talking about posting on social networking sites that I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh um…” Ashley held onto Emily. “I’m just spreading the love, Pops; sharing the joy.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Dave said. “You’re misinforming the public which consists of, for the purposes of this conversation, your school friends who shouldn’t know my business anyway.”

“My bad?” she put it in question form and smiled.


Criminal Minds meme | five outfits [2/5]

Sep 6

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Sep 3

#messer are you really sure we’ve never seen one of the team having to pretend to like a criminal

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Top 10 Criminal Minds Characters as voted by my followers

1. Emily Prentiss

pagetvbrewsterJennifer JJ Jareau or Emily Prentiss asked by Anonymous