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Oct 1


Last I also checked, Erin Strauss was a strong recurring character for six seasons running with character growth, not a throwaway character whose sole purpose boiled down to dying for another male character’s grief and pain and angst and personal character growth in turn.

New Fic

I’m posting all the fics that were backed up while I was working on the historical AU of doom.  This time its Trois, where I tried (and probably failed) to write Rossi/Strauss/Hotch as a threesome.

Post #111,000: Afterglow Erin : )

Post #111,000: Afterglow Erin : )


Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss

Criminal Minds - Season 7 - Hit/Run (2012)

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New Fic

I’m still working in the Immediate Family universe (the one where Erin loses her memory and learns she has a husband and four kids) and wrote Momming.  I wanted it to be fic #1201 and now it is.