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OK, Germany’s over for the night.  Not only do I need to go to bed but not quite a prostitute Erin and FBI agent Dave are about to get busy in my head.  I’m also looped off Ambien so….anything can happen.

In my head right now, Erin is talking to her therapist.  I’m too tired to write so I’m just going to take my Ambien.  If so many Saturday nights are any indication, she will speak even louder after that.  I swear I’m going to bed.

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The Elie Saab dress, Paula Cole on my iPod…this fic is begging to be written.

I want to write a plethora of Erin Strauss fic around all these gorgeous Elie Saab dresses showing up on my dash.  I actually have one in mind already I just have to figure out how to describe the awesome that is this dress.

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New Fic

My Heart Burns There Too.  I’m starting to love my OTP in this universe though I always love my OTP.  There’s something about this Erin….