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I want Erin and Mark to start talking again.  Last night my mom and I talked for like an hour all about how much I love those two characters and the series I wrote.  I’m hopeful I can get back to them because that Erin is so epic to me.

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i really miss Erin somebody hold me

New Fic

It’s Rossi/Strauss in this new universe I have no damn name for but seem to enjoy writing in.  What could make a girl’s birthday more awesome than some OTP love?

Erin Strauss, In Name and Blood.

Erin Strauss, In Name and Blood.



miss her…

Really really miss her….. 

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New Fic

Sort of Significant Others is the latest story in my new universe where Erin and Ursula finally reveal who they’re dating and deal with two very different mothers.