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Apr 6

One of my “friends” on Facebook posted pics from her godson’s birthday party.  The caption said, “The Godson of Awesome” birthday bash.  You fuckin thief.  I call my nephew the nephew of awesome and everyone knows it.  I’ve called him that since the day he came into the world.  Her godson is five and she has never once referred to him as the “godson of” anything, just by his nickname.  Now, all of a sudden….

See, this is why people get the hell on my nerves.

Facebook should do better at alerting you when you get messages from people not on your friends list.  Tonight I found a message from my sister’s girlfriend from New Year’s Eve thanking me for hosting her over the holidays and a message from someone who was one of my best friends in college from last July asking how I was.  I hope I didnt look like a douche for not replying back until March 2014.

Usually I have no idea what to post on Facebook. Half the thoughts running through my head would freak out the 4 or 5 family members I have on there. And I want to drop them but that would cause more questions I dont want to answer. And the other people follow me on other sites so they know the crazy shit that goes through my mind on the hourly basis.