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My dad just called to cuss me out because my sister never calls him so he can talk to my nephew, as if he doesnt know how to get in touch with her himself.  He’s such a prick.  I mean I love my dad but I’m 36 and my sister is 40, almost 41.  You would have to think that sometime he would start looking at us like adults with adult responsibilities and know he would have to put in at least the minimal effort to maintain relationships with us. 

You dont get special privileges for contributing your seed to our creation.  Especially when that’s pretty much all you did.

About to have a seriously fun afternoon with the Nephew of Awesome!

Apr 5

I dont want my nephew to grow up too fast (he’ll be 2 in July) but I cant wait til he’s like 4 or 5 so I can introduce him to Star Wars, LOTR, and Jurassic Park.  OK, maybe he’ll be too young for Jurassic Park. 

But my sister has put me in charge of all of his geek needs and this is a very serious undertaking.

The one thing I must always remember is never, ever, ever rely on my mother for anything.  I’ve slipped lately and am paying the price for that.

Now I love you. And not just ‘cause I have to. You’re just gonna have to stop pissing me off.

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Spent a few hours withe the Nephew of Awesome today : )

Spent a few hours withe the Nephew of Awesome today : )

Mar 7

This is so beautiful!!


This is so beautiful!!

Mar 3

My sister Mia and I are for the most part estranged, long story, but this still makes me insanely proud of her.  She made the Top 100 Black LGBTQ Women You Should Know About list.

I spent all day with the fam.  Target and BJ’s this morning, a hour at home to rest and eat, and then took the Nephew of Awesome to my grandma’s.  While I was out and about I got two pretty solid fic ideas and more on the kidnapped princess AU that I started, stopped, restarted, and stopped again like 2 years ago.  Good Saturday so far.