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New Fic

My Wife and Kids is the latest California Dreaming fic as I go on this last run of Criminal Minds fic.  And in a surprising twist, I may have a new idea for my Pet Sounds series, I really thought I was done with that one.

You Guys!!!!!!!

People are reading my story!!!!!!!!

New Fic

I’m still working in the Immediate Family universe (the one where Erin loses her memory and learns she has a husband and four kids) and wrote Momming.  I wanted it to be fic #1201 and now it is.

New Fic

In der Nacht Verschwunden is up and ready for consumption at AO3.  Please Lord, let someone read this story.  Let them love it and tell other people about it, and even if it gets no kudos or comments or anything, let the hits keep coming.  Amen.

In der Nacht verschwunden…

Is seriously done now you guys.  It’s clocking in 72,894 words, which is fuckin insane.  It’s been six weeks since I’ve posted anything at AO3 and I have a backlog of fic as I’ve been perfecting this story.  But nothing is perfect, not even #1200.  So its time.  I just finished adding the last edits to the end of the story.  It will be posted within the hour.  And even though I thank them in my author’s notes, raydorheels, phloxelle, lovelesscupcake, and berkshires27 were indispensable during this entire process. 

And shout out to the folks who didnt kill me for posting every milestone, every question, every thought, and every time I hit the brick wall of 16th century German geographical doom.  I love you all so much and appreciate your having my back, even if having my back just meant not rolling your eyes for another inevitable In der Nacht verschwunden post. 

There’s only going to be one more…the one with the link to AO3.  See you guys on the other side of 1200 : )

If I had the power, I would ask all the authors in the world to do Yuletide or something like it every year. Sign up for a fic exchange and write some porn for a stranger; tailor your stories to an audience of one, let go of the long-form plots and the careful wide-spectrum appeal, embrace the joy of spending a hundred words on Carlos’s perfect hair or Buffy’s perfect shoes or Jo’s perfect knives. Remember the joy of waiting for one person to open a story and see what it contains.

Because fanfic is joy. Fanfic is fixing the things you see as broken, and patching the seams between what’s written and what is not, and giving characters who got cheated out of their happy endings another chance. There was a time, not that long ago as we measure things, where all fiction was what we would now call “fan fiction.” Shakespeare didn’t come up with most of his own plots. He wrote plays about the stories people already loved. We didn’t get a thousand versions of “Snow White” accidentally: people changed that story to suit themselves, and no one said they weren’t storytellers, or looked down on them for loving that core of red and black and white, of apples and glass and snow.


Seanan McGuire, “Let’s Talk About Fanfic.”

(hat tip to kassrachel for the link!)

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taipanmay said: May I suggest one of the nameless background characters who just wants to go to school and is sick of Harry Potter and all his shit?

Oh no, I already know who the character is and the story has very little to do with Harry Potter himself but he would be in his 20s, after the Battle of Hogwarts and his graduation.  And he wouldnt become a character in the story until at least a decade or so later (not that I think I would ever get that far).

But your suggestion is awesome : )

20 pages written of the Rossi/Strauss leaked nudes fic.  I’m going to have some steak to celebrate.

You guys! My Rossi/Strauss leaked nudes story has wings!

I gotta let my baby fly.

Asked on Twitter but received no answer.

If you write a secondary original character who only appears in certain fics, though they could be placed anywhere in the canon universe, and this character is cooler than most of the canon characters but is never a love interest or obsession of any of these characters, and is not a fictional version of the fic writer, is the character still considered a Mary Sue (or the male equivalent)?

I really want to know what fic readers and writers think.