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New Fic

The Security Breach was inspired by recent cell phone hacking and leaks of nude photos of female celebrities.  They’re not the only ones who like to take intimate pictures with their phones.

I’m writing a new Rossi/Strauss “Funny Face” story.  These two, sometimes when they start talking they dont want to stop.

New Fic

This new Rossi/Strauss fic is based entirely on an entry I saw on the Humans of New York blog.  I’ve never been inspired like that before but I love this little story.

I have 1300 words written on a “Funny face” fic based on the picture I saw on Humans of New York earlier this evening.  It was just so damn cute how could you not want to write about it?

Damn, I have a lot of Hotch/Prentiss fic and some are really good too.

I’m not saying that to toot my own horn, its just that Rossi/Strauss have been my OTP for the past three or so years so I really had forgotten about so many of those Hotch/Prentiss stories that I wrote all through seasons four, five, and some of six.


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Now I’m done.  When I edit and post all the drafts 1056 of my about 1210 fics will be on AO3.  I think that’s a pretty impressive 6 year career as a Criminal Minds fic writer.

I’ve met so many cool people, people who are as close to me as family through this fandom and these stories and no matter what drama came along (and there was ALWAYS some drama), writing these stories changed me.  It helped me grow as a person and a writer and it gave me all of you, for which I will always be profoundly grateful.

When you’re feeling accomplished because you think you imported everything you wanted, tagged it, put it in the right series, but the numbers still look off…and you realize you are missing nearly a year’s worth of stories you wrote for your primary ship during that time.

I didnt import all the Thicker than Water fics, some are just nothing special, but all the fics written before October 2011 (when I joined AO3) have been imported and are waiting in Drafts for me to number the series.  That’s what I’ll work on tonight.

And after that I import early Hotch/Megan and everything I want will be over there from livejournal.  In the end it might end up being about 900 out of my 1200+.  I think that’s a good number, especially since I’m sure it will be all of my good stories.

Oct 9

There are 122 Thicker than Water fics.  I’ve decided to split the Hotch/Megan’s… same universe but they’ll be under a different series title so they wont get lost in all the other works.

I need to be in bed now, I have work in the morning but I’m working on drafting and importing stories.  Once I start my OCD makes it hard to stop until its done.