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New Fic

Sort of Significant Others is the latest story in my new universe where Erin and Ursula finally reveal who they’re dating and deal with two very different mothers.

When you haven’t written a ship in a while and then hear one of their songs.

Rossi is a bit too Zen in this universe I’m writing and he also has a lot of good sex for someone who’s only 18.  I might just be deluded myself on the whole sex thing though.

Literally all I want to do right now is watch fencing, write about fencing, and definitely write about Erin fencing.  No wonder I never got so into this before…I’m a bit obsessive.

So I’m going through my stats over at AO3, as I tend to do sometimes…and imagine my surprise when The Providence of Human Affairs, the second story in the Blood of my Blood universe that was really just me wanting to write about a grand Sam/Jessie love affair, has 600 fuckin hits!!!  No kudos, no comments, no nothing, but 600 hits. 

I know that means that people just opened it, didnt necessarily get through it or even want to, but thank you to all 600 of you.  You made my day : )

37 more Criminal Minds fics until I reach 1200.  I’m not sure if I have it in me but some of these characters in my head still have some stories to tell.  It’ll be interesting to see if I get there.

New Fic

I might be starting a new Rossi/Strauss universe.  I might just be having a little fun.  Whatever’s happening, I really like this Erin.

Apr 8

New Fic

David Rossi does not like men flirting with his wife.  He manages to, mostly, not be an ass about it.

Apr 6

72 kudos for my #1 Crush series.  I’m the happiest girl in the world.

Apr 6

New Fic

To Know We’re Not Alone is the latest in my Morgan-Blake thing I have going on.  Its also a post-episode fic for Blood Relations.