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Mar 9
Dec 7

Introducing Emma Thompson (just incase you live under a rock)


She’s 54 years old and hotter than me


She’s a boss who won two academy awards


she’s a MILF


Even after her daughter she has a hotter body than me (again she’s 54)


she’s f*cking hilarious 


her husband is hotter than hot (if i could create my own boyfriend it would be greg wise)


and who could forget….SHE PLAYS NANNY MCPHEE 


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POST #60,000: The One, The Only, Ms. Paget Brewster.  I love her so much I can hardly find the words.  Just wanted to share the love with y’all.  She’s just so full of life and hilarious and strange and witty and a little bit insane and whenever I see her, just being herself, it always makes my day just that much brighter.

Jayne Jayne Jayne Jayne Jayne!!!!!!!!!

Oct 6

Jayne Atkinson and the hair of super awesome.

Oct 2

I live a Jayne Atkinson Appreciation life.

Sep 2

Motherfuckin Maggie Smith man.  That’s all I wanted to say.

Allison Janney on Twitter.

Aug 5
I needed to start this Monday morning with some sunshine.

I needed to start this Monday morning with some sunshine.


Nicholas Brendon - Wendy Hall Photoshoot 

Toutes les photos

Anybody who thinks Kevin Lynch isnt hot is nuts.  Tacky clothes and a kinda bad haircut cannot hide all that hotness.  Damn Nicholas Brendon, I would climb you like a pole.