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CREDITS: Photos by Jan Welters, Styling by Timothy Snell, Makeup by Sam Fine and Hair by Iasia Merriweather 

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Apr 8

Beyoncé for Out Magazine

Beyoncé for Out Magazine

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Apr 6

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Apr 5

Gina Torres photographed by JSquared Photography for Bello Mag

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Apr 3

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Apr 3

Maggie Smith comes equipped. First the eyes: huge, potentially barmy and never-endingly expressive. They exude aristocratic malevolence in Gosford Park. In The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne, they flicker and lose a little more light with every fragment of her dignity subtracted by heartbreak or the bottle. In The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie they are arrogant and commanding, yet wounded in their depths. As the preening, socially ambitious wife of meek Michael Palin in A Private Function, she aims them like lasers on every social faux-pas the poor man commits.

Then the voice: it has a steely, nasal edge to it that best serves her harder characters, or all her characters’ harder moods, but its other pole is a singerly softness that appears in moments of romance or, more often, disillusion. However she uses it, her mastery of vocal control is without peer; she can roll a word around the mouth until you hear every pealing syllable of it, a throwback to the West End’s postwar, pre-Wesker commitment to exquisite diction.

And the brain. Command Central. This is the cleverest, wittiest actress alive, the fastest mind in the room. No wonder Alan Bennett can’t get enough of her; she delves into every last nuance in his characters’ words and lives. And although Bennett, an old friend, knows how to play her like a trumpet, she can do all this for any writer, it seems.

She stands five feet five. She acts six foot four. Where’s her statue?

- The Guardian

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Kennedy Center Honors Julie Andrews, 2001.

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Lupita Nyong’o & Angela Bassett | 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards

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Beyoncé | Tom Munro


Beyoncé | Tom Munro

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