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Mar 2

Glad that supporting actress is usually in the first hour so I wont have to watch too much.  Way too many musical numbers and such.  This is not the Tonys people, we want to see musical numbers on the Tonys.  We live for them.  Academy Awards…not so much.

Isn´t it a lil pathetic to fangirl and tumblr in your age, I mean you have a kid and stuff. Seriously old peeps should leave tumblr!










I´m not gonna answer that, I´m not!


She freezes as she reads the anon message.

Are they right? Is she too old? 

She had known this day would ultimately come, known that one day, she would no longer be allowed to enjoy the things around her, or use the internet anymore other than to send work emails, but she had hoped that day was still far off.

True, she did have a child. Perhaps that should have been her first clue. After all, becoming a mother goes hand-in-hand with dedicating your life to clipping coupons and driving carpools. And with all of that, who has time to enjoy good acting, or a wonderful story-line, or art?

She looks down at her hands sadly. The anon is right. She is now an “old peep”. She should be ashamed of herself.

She sheds one single tear and shuts off her computer. She then unplugs it and carries it to the trash. Her place is no longer among young persons. Her child is asleep upstairs for the night. The house is quiet and dark. She grabs her child’s purple crayola marker and writes “old peep” across her forehead, then moves to her living room, turns the tv on, and changes the channel to the news.

Yes. This is where she belongs now. Tomorrow she will make sure to throw away all of her young person clothes and buy ugly beige sweaters and ruffled white blouses. She will give away her pathetic collection of fantasy books the local library, and throw away the autographed photo she got from her favorite actor two years ago. These are not things she is allowed to have anymore.

She begins her life as an old peep, sitting in the dark, watching the news, thinking about taxes and diapers, grateful to the anon who pointed out the error of her ways.

I love you
Another old peep


One of us! One of us!

ok i’ll just stop writing and go crochet something bye

This was funny, and sad. I don’t care how old I get, I will continue my fandom ways, and no one can stop me.

I have 2 kids.


Current relationship status:

Why did they take the “quickie movie uppie” arrow off the activity page?

Aug 9


Will somebody please explain to me how Hotch seeing Haley acting in a play and subsequently joining said play even though he had zero interest in the activity, ending in disaster, just so he could you know, watch her from afar before nerving up to talk to her is not creepy at all, but when Beth approaches a man she found attractive while they were both training for triathlons and subsequently works up the nerve to go talk to him it’s hideously creepy and stalkerish?

At least Beth didn’t completely alter her entire behaviour so she could stare at him. She was already doing what he was. 

Hotch: Perfectly normal behavior to do such things when you find somebody attractive

Beth: Crazy stalker???? 

I mean, yeah, just pick one? Either they’re both okay or they’re both insane psychotic stalkers. Please just don’t carry on with the double standards. It gets old. 

Also, the top question was rhetorical, I was not actually asking.

Jul 9

What the hell is up with Tumblr?  I cant reblog from people’s pages or get back to the dashboard from there.  What are they tinkering with tonight and what will be the result?

I didnt even mean to reblog that music post.  Who in the hell told Tumblr to put reblog and like at the bottom now instead of the top?  Now I’m re-scrolling through to find what I really wanted to reblog.  Dumb new change is dumb.

So did her? Oh Microsoft Grammar Check, you’re an idiot.

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Lets all say it together…there are some things that just shouldnt be joked about.

There are some things that can be, even though there are always those who will be sensitive to it, and I’ve never been one of those people who struggled to know the difference.  Just seriously, exercise common sense and decency.  Geez.