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Two more days of work and then a four day weekend…lawds yes!!!!  But I have a lot of shit to do in the office, so the man will make me earn it.

I talked to the man I love the most and I feel so much better about everything.  What a perfect way to cap off a four day weekend of awesome.

I keep forgetting its only Friday.  Four day weekend mode is the best thing ever.


109 hours of sweet, proletariat bliss is coming my way.  I’m so excited to lie around in pajamas, write, chill, drink wine, Tumble, and just enjoy my time away from my job.  Viva la weekend!

110 hours of sweet, proletariat bliss.  Its on and poppin y’all.  I got a four day weekend.

Who wrote an entire fic today and also got all her work done so she could relax and enjoy her four day weekend?  This girl, that’s who.

Four days off and I didnt write a damn thing.  It makes me wanna cry.  This was supposed to be my time to plot things out and write things down and make things work and I didnt do any of it.  Fuck!

Its pouring right now and nothing makes me happier than the sound and smell of rain.

Murry bought me Crunch Berries for my four day weekend!!!!

Jul 8

I cant wait for the upcoming four day weekend.  I’ve got some great fic ideas floating through my head but this week at work will be so busy that even in the evenings I’m too tired to write.