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A friend (none of you guys) just said something in the conversation about my tattoo, reminding me of her OTP and they are seriously a NoTP for me and I threw up a little in my mouth and kinda peeved I am even forced to think about them now.

You know who canceled out on me for getting my tat tomorrow.  I am in a total ‘fuck this guy’ mood and not in a good way.  Sometimes I feel there is only so much leeway, of which I usually give too much, before someone slips into the inconsiderate category.  Shit comes up in life, believe me I know, but ugh dammit.

lmkoliver said: Happy Birthday, friend!! You look beautiful!! I am so glad you got treated and you treated yourself!!!

resurrectionofannabellee said: Happy Birth Day!

citymusings said: Happy almost birthday!!! I’m glad you’ve had such a great day! And can I say, I love the selfie. You look beautiful.

Thank you so much, you guys.  You rock!  The official big day is tomorrow, 4/20 baby!, but I celebrated today cuz Murry will be in church all day tomorrow celebrating Jesus.  But that’s cool cuz I had a great day and its been such a long time since anything was all about me.  So if a girl cant make her birthday all about her then what can she do.

Also, good news…I got 2 pairs of Docs (I’ll post pics of the second pair later) and I have leftovers from the Capital Grille (medium seared tenderloin, lobster tail, and au gratin potatoes).  Life is awesome : )

We are dessert stealers! We are living outside the law!

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meanwhile monica and chandler got a divorce and chandler ends up with rachel. ross died. joey kills paul rudd to be with phoebe.


Kathy: You have really great hair. Chandler: Well, thanks. I grow it myself.

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Now I love you. And not just ‘cause I have to. You’re just gonna have to stop pissing me off.

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Biggest Favor Ever

Guys, if you or someone you know are good at making manips I would love your help.  I really need some young Handerson manips and I’ve got all the pics I need.  Now I just need someone 5000x more talented than me to help out.  I would appreciate it more than anything so signal boost this.  It would help me more than you know.

Shout out to everyone who likes and cheers on my amateur artwork.  I cannot tell you how much you all rock!