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Apr 2

Made plans last week for drinks tonight with Paul (cute former work guy).  We hadnt seen each other for most of March because he was studying for his architecture test.  He passed part of his test, missed three questions on the other part, and will have to retake it.  We’ve had to reschedule plans three times lately for a variety of reasons, two coming from him (the one from me was weather related).  This time I got a guarantee of no rescheduling or cancellation from him.

This morning I got an apologetic email.  He has to reschedule tonight to next week.  His mother reminded him they had Phantom of the Opera tickets tonight.  She didnt remind him until late last night. 

How should I feel about this?  We’re just friends, nothing more.  And when we’re together there is no indication that he feels forced or obligated to continue our friendship or spend time with me.  In fact, he’s mentioned lately that he loves that he can open up and be real with me, that its refreshing not to have strings attached to that  He’s also a little scatterbrained, like most Math-minded people I know, when it comes to planning and making sure he doesnt double book dates or times. 

But my wonky ass brain is screaming “he doesnt like you and is looking for ways out of spending time with you”.  I’m trying to shut that shit down but its hard.  What do you guys think?  Would your brain go to the same place?

New Fic

I finished my Derek and Alex fic.  Its not shippy but I can definitely see continuing on with their story…if they allow me to.  I love both of the characters so much.

Mar 2

But it also means a lot to me that he likes and trusts me enough to open up about his feelings and his problems and knows that I’m gonna keep it real with him and make him think for himself and not just give him some BS advice or not listen to him at all.

I’ve decided that I probably do have some kind of non-platonic feelings for Paul.  But the truth is that he’s just too young.  I’m nearly 36, he’s just 27, and I would never say anything anyway because surely he would reject me and I would rather have our totally awesome, satisfying friendship than have him be just another dude who broke my heart.

Oct 9

Paul and I saw Enough Said last night and I thought it was amazing though I would’ve liked a more concrete ending, I still enjoyed every moment of it.  Not sure how he liked it, he didnt complain so that was good. 

I also was able to tell him that I’ve never had a real boy friend before and I wasnt sure how to handle it when distance became an issue and he totally handled my quirks with ease and made me feel so much better about it.  I really adore him.

Oct 7

citymusings said: This is sad. *hugs*

Its really sad and I miss him already.  I’ve never been good at making friends but the two of us just clicked and it worked.  I should’ve known I wouldnt have him for long.

Oct 7

Cute work guy got a new job and is leaving in three weeks. Placing bets on never seeing him again. I’m really sad and don’t know what to do with the emotions.

New Fic

I’m totally falling in love with snarky, brilliant 20something Erin and Alex in the FBI Academy.  And this time Dave Rossi shows up as well.  I call it The Clap Trap.

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