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Gif Folder Challenge


8th Gif- Sense of Humour

16th Gif- Attitude Towards the World

23rd Gif- Love Life

13th Gif- Social Life

30th Gif- Ideal Life

1st- Your Future

10th- Your Past

18th- Your Present

35th- Your Future Partner

2nd- How the Same Sex Sees You

27th- How the opposite sex sees you

15th Gif- How you see yourself

20th Gif- What your Parents are like

26th Gif- What your Kids will be like

5th Gif- What you Neighbours will be like

11th- Last Day on Earth

9th- Sexual Preference

3rd- Emotions towards Music

21st Gif- Favourite TV show/Movie


BAU and FBI agents in Criminal Minds

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I was all like…

Then I was like….

And now I’m just…

It’s time for bed dammit!

*gifs not made by me but God love the people who made them.

jaynestrauss made me Erin/Mark manips!!!!  I love her soooooooo much!!!!



I love Jayne’s video blogs!

she’s so adorable!!!!

This is absolutely the best post ever.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jun 8

Supernatural is one of my favorite shows and I’ve only seen like 5 episodes.  Why watch it when I can read/admire all the GIFs on Tumblr?

Feb 5

I fuckin love Sandra Oh.

This punched me in the feels and kicked me while I was down.

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Sorry you guys, I havent even seen it yet but I had to post this. My babies are actually addressing each other, without animosity, I couldnt let this miracle pass. I cant wait to watch it tonight.

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